05 August 2021
UAE revised and relaxed quarantine restrictions

The United Arab Emirates is interesting for tourists from different parts of the world. It became known that the country's authorities decided to ease quarantine restrictions from August 5.

02 August 2021
Personal license plates will not be issued in Dubai

The government in Dubai has confirmed the information that it is prohibited to issue registered license plates. Vehicle owners must take this innovation into account.

22 July 2021
Emirates is expanding its use of IATA Travel Pass. Flights between Moscow and Dubai

Эмирейст – авиационная компания, которая одна из первых стала использовать приложение IATA Travel Pass. Произошло это еще в апреле. Сегодня она расширила его внедрение на 10 мировых авиарейсах, в том числе и на Москву.

17 July 2021
Jeep Wrangler 2021 - Replenishment Of The Absolute Rent Car Fleet

One of the legendary novelties of the auto industry Jeep Wrangler 2021 is available for rent from Absolute Rent a Car.

06 July 2021
Discounts for car rental in Dubai in July 2021

Car rental in Dubai "Absolute Rent Car" announces 5% discounts on sports car and SUV rentals in July 2021.

21 June 2021
Don't want to wash your car - pay a fine

Fines for dusty cars and dirty tires await you in the Emirates

21 June 2021
The procedure for changing a driver's license has changed in Dubai

Dubai authorities introduced an electronic system for obtaining a new driver's license

14 June 2021
Car rental in Dubai with a 5% discount until the end of June

"Absolute Rent Car" is pleased to announce the launch of the campaign "5% discount on car rental until the end of June"

04 June 2021
Discounts for car rental in Dubai in June 2021

Car rental agency in Dubai "Absolute Rent Car" announces the start of a 5% discount on the booking of sports cars and SUVs.

24 May 2021
Summer 2021 season in Dubai is open to tourists

The Dubai authorities have eased quarantine restrictions on the tourism industry since May 17. Hotels can now be 100% full, according to Travel Weekly.