In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the cost of diesel and gasoline is reported to be increasing

The UAE Commission on the prices of petrol and diesel fuel has made a statement about the increase in the cost of fuel from the beginning of summer 2022.

The UAE Fuel Price Commission has issued new rates for petroleum product and diesel fuel that will take effect at fuel stations in the Arab Emirates from the beginning of the summer of 2022.

The price of Super 98 gasoline will be 4.15 dirhams per liter from the first day of summer, up from 3.66 dirhams per unit volume in May.

The price for Special 95 gasoline will be AED 4.03 per liter, which is also higher than the price of AED 3.55 per liter in May.

Fuel prices in the UAE are influenced by intergovernmental rates for black gold. The UAE Fuel Price Commission, which includes members of the Ministry of Energy and relevant companies, corrects prices every month.

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