22 July 2022
URUS Dubai Touring - 3 hours of unforgettable experience

Book a walk around Dubai in a Lamborghini offers the company Absolute Rent Car

20 July 2022
New foreign cars are available for rent: two styles, two lifestyles and unlimited rental possibilities

There are two new cars in the fleet, which will satisfy the needs of every customer.

17 June 2022
In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the cost of diesel and gasoline is reported to be increasing

The UAE Commission on the prices of petrol and diesel fuel has made a statement about the increase in the cost of fuel from the beginning of summer 2022.

03 June 2022
Jeep Wrangler JL 2020 4 doors - power and status for tourists Dubai

Наш автопарк пополнился выдающимся внедорожником, который готов уверенно справляться с любыми препятствиями на своем пути.

29 April 2022
Paid parking near beaches in Dubai

Underground parking near one of the famous beaches of the Palm West Beach, located on the island of The Palm Jumeirah, received the status of paid. It was announced by the managers of this place of rest. To leave the car there users will have to pay 20 dirhams.

29 April 2022
Dubai announced the creation of green visas for five years

The UAE government has announced the introduction of visas for five years for people with talent or for professionals with a high level of skills. Additionally this includes freelancers, investors as well as entrepreneurs.

17 April 2022
Electric car rental expands travel options

Absolute Rent a car offers its customers new travel options in the UAE. Now you can go further, saving your personal budget at the same time.

16 March 2022
The UAE now has less strict covid restrictions

Now more tourists have the opportunity to visit the UAE, as there have been revised covid restrictions that apply to foreign tourists. This also applies to tourists from the Russian Federation.

12 February 2022
The annual Festival of Lights in the Emirates will be held from February 9 to 20 in Sharjah

The Eleventh Festival of Lights in the UAE is scheduled to take place in Sharjah this year.

12 February 2022
Rules of entry to Dubai for Russian tourists: plans of authorities

Association of Tourist Operators of Russia informs that since February 3, 2022 the government of the United Arab Emirates has made changes to the regulations for Russian citizens arriving. The corresponding decree also applies to guests from other states.