• How much money do you need to have with you to rent a car
    • you need to have enough money to pay for renting a car that you Chosen for the desired period
    • deposit refundable from 2000 dirh depending on the car
  • Do you deliver your car to other Emirates?

    One way shipping or return charges are AED 100 in the UAE at Dubai Airport, AED 250 for Sharjah and AED 800 for other Emirates.

  • What is the minimum car rental period?

    Minimum rental period is 3 day (72 hours) with maximum grace period of 1 hour

  • What documents are needed to rent a car in Dubai

    Residents of the UAE

    • must have a passport
    • valid driver's license for at least 1 year from the date of issue

    Non-residents (tourists, etc.):

    • must have a passport,
    • national rights,
    • International rights (a need depending on citizenship)
  • Why do I deposit and the period for the return of my money
    • salies are calculated from the deposit, possible penalties
    • deposit of the deposit 2000 AED minus the above costs is carried out after 30 days (this period is associated with delays in obtaining fines from the police)
  • What does timely service mean?
    • all of our machines undergo timely maintenance in dealerships and specialized centers.
    • for a period of time THAT our clients are provided with a car similar to a rented car.
  • What additional services does your company provide?
    • in addition we provide a navigator, a child seat, delivery and return of a car from anywhere in the UAE.
  • What office hours Absolute Rent a Car
    • our office is open daily from 9 to 18-00
    • delivery and reception of cars from customers is carried out daily around the clock.
    • If necessary, after 18-00 the duty officer of the company may be delayed
  • Is insurance included in the rental price of the car
    • CDR-insurance is included in the car rental price, in this case if the customer Gets into an accident by his fault (red police report), the client pays a fine of 1500 dirh
    • in case the driver is not guilty (green police report) the client pays nothing
    • for an additional payment the client can purchase full insurance and in case of an accident due to the client's fault - does not pay a penalty
  • What is the maximum number of drivers that can drive a rented car ?
    • the maximum number of drivers
    • Allowed to drive a car is 2 drivers: the main and optional: an additional driver costs 100 Dirham!
  • What are the main rules to know when driving in the UAE
    • always follow the rules of the road!
    • please always pay for parking.
    • do not exceed the set speed mode.
  • What does an international driver's license look like?

  • How to pay for parking in Dubai

    Always park your car in the designated areas. Do not park cars on the curb, sand, roadway. If parking is paid, you will see an orange banner with parking rules, time intervals and parking zone number. To pay for parking, you can use 2 methods: Automatic parking machine (Each hour costs 2 Dirham, insert the required number of coins and press OK.) You will get a check, which must be placed under the car's glass so that it can be seen. Via SMS, from your mobile phone (UAE number), send an SMS to number 7275 with the text "Vehicle number zone number of hours". For example, O44790 383F 3 (Vehicle number O 44790, zone 383F, 3 hours). You will receive an SMS with a confirmation and a reminder before the payment term expires.

  • From what age. Can I rent a car in the UAE?

    Minimum age of the driver - 23 years. Driver 21-23 years old in case of red police report have to pay 15% of invoice from insurance.

  • Can I smoke in the car?
    • smoking is prohibited and not welcomed.
    • the penalty is 1,000 dirhams.
  • I am 21 years old. Can I rent a car in Absolute rent a car ?

    Yes, we can provide you with car from 21 years if you have the necessary documents. But on the terms of the insurance company in case of fault extra 15% of car repair is charged. For example , if a car costs 2000 AED, then the Customer pays 300 AED.

  • Is it possible to drive on a rented car to other cities of the UAE and to the nearest countries - for example Oman?

    According to the insurance rules you can travel on a rented car anywhere in the UAE , but unfortunatly trips to other coutries are not covered by the insurace. Departure from the territory of the UAE is prohibited.

  • Are the prices in your company really cheaper then in the airport or in other rent companies?

    We are constantly comparing prices in other rental companies with ours.Indeed our prices are lower from prices in airoport about 40%, from other companies by 10-20%.In our website you can always find special offers!

  • What is also Salik and who pays him?

    Salik is paid sections of the road. The cost of a salik is 4 dirhams. At journey through a frame - the computer automatically charges money from the card which is on a car windshield. Rent the tenant pays салик at the end of term. But as a rule even if to go every day several times - Salik's sum doesn't pour out in the considerable sums.

  • Why I need long rent if I constantly work in Dubai and can buy the car?

    Despite the seeming benefit of acquisition of the car in Dubai, proceeding from practice and communication with the people working under the contract in the UAE after all it is more favorable to rent the car for several reasons at once: 1. It is unknown how many the prisoner between you and the employer the contract will last. Lukoil which curtailed the activity into the UAE literally in a month is an example. 2. A problem with sale of a car - before departure from the UAE it is necessary to sell a car - unfortunately you will sell a car very cheap and if it is necessary to leave urgent that in general at below cost price. 3. The price at which you buy and buys car at Rents the company differs - car makers depending on brand of a car provide us discounts 4. Also such expenses monetary and temporary as an insurance, service and the substitution car - at our company are free. 5. But if there is a confidence in contract duration - that it is possible to sign the contract of Leasing with our company - long rent in the UAE so is called. The car will be provided on special conditions or from our park. Or it is bought especially for you in that complete set and brands which you will wish (except for exclusive cars and exclusive complete sets.

  • How to fill the car with petrol?

    Filling of the car happens at stationary gas stations. When filling the car there is no need to leave the car - it is necessary to tell the refueler brand of SPECIAL gasoline and the number of liters, or to a full tank. The cost of SPECIAL gasoline is made by 1.9 dirkh for liter. That is gas station of a full tank will manage from 80 to 120 dirkh. depending on brand of a car and availability of fuel in a tank.

  • What brand gasoline to fill in the car and what cost of gasoline in the UAE?

    All our cars refuel SPECIAL gasoline (an analog of the 95th)! The cost of one liter is 1,9 dirkh/about a half-dollar for 1 liter. (that is four times cheaper than in Europe).

  • Whether it is possible to transport alcoholic beverages in the leased car?

    According to laws of the UAE transportation of alcoholic drinks in cars without special license is prohibited. If you bought alcoholic beverages in small amounts in duty free and you carry to hotel for own consumption - that in case of detention the police will treat you loyally. But if alcoholic drinks are transported for commercial purposes without special license, then you will be detained and put in prison to court, and our car will be detained and sent to a penalty the parking and is even perhaps confiscated! Therefore categorically we don't recommend to take alcoholic beverages for commercial purposes in cars of our company, in avoidance of big troubles to you and our company.

  • How long has been working Absolute rent a car company?

    Our company began to work since September 2013 then the first cars were bought.

  • There are a lot of companies of rent a car in Dubay! Why I have to give preference to Absolute rent a car in your opinion?

    In our opinion rent a car in our company will be more favorable and more interesting for several reasons: 1. The thought-over price policy - our prices 10 times less than at competitors, besides special offers will help to save additional money which you will be able to spend for purchases and entertainments in Dubai. 2. Our Cars are in fine technical condition, regardless of year of manufacture. Besides the new cars have a new mark on the website . 3. The car which you choose is always delivered to you. 4. Service which is provided by our company also is at height - clients shouldn't wait long for delivery and not to waste time at return - especially climate in the UAE rather hot. 7. Regardless of rent term - the car provided to you always will be washed up outside and inside.. 5. We try to be in touch during the entire period of rent of a car - and accurately we help the client by phone, and in case of need we send our worker. 6. In case of road accident or service - always we provide a car similar to leased. 8. Our workers polite and sensible (constantly there take place trainings ) are always ready to respond to a call and a request of our client, in case of impossibility to resolve an issue by own efforts - they report about a problem to the management of the company which will call back to you in the nearest future and will resolve your issue in the best way.

  • I would like to know your company is the broker who is promising 70% discount and not having the vehicle fleet, or you have own vehicle fleet?

    Our company isn't a broker, we have the park of cars - therefore we have interesting prices, and also our client receives that car about which there was an arrangement.

  • Where can I park my car for the night?

    Practically all hotels of Dubai have spacious parkings on a huge number of cars, there the parking for visitors of hotel is free.

  • Explain please what means introduction of a tax of the VAT of 5% in the UAE

    Yes really since 01.01.2018 the tax in the UAE is imposed. Initially the tax was called the VAT and was planned as the VAT. But upon this tax will be a tax on sales. To the amount of purchase 5% will be added automatically. Question of that why tax VAT - actually was a tax on sales - lies on a surface. Each who is engaged in business activity or is related to a tax understands about huge difficulties with administration of tax VAT unlike a tax on sales where 5% to the amount of purchase or service are automatically added. In case of a tax on sales there is no need for a type of difficult computation and the analysis of purchase and sale price of goods, the suffered expenses, expenses

  • Why we should rent a car in Absolute rent a car when at each airport of large city there are stands of the large companies like Avis, Herc, Trifli

    Really at each airport especially of the megalopolis as Dubai there are racks of the international companies which were listed in a question. At first sight they look reliable and there is a feeling that the correct decision to rent a car at them. And everyone thinks that it is better to overpay a little money and not to contact wiht the so unknown company as Absolute rent a car. But actually everything looks all absolutely another. First the difference of lease of the same car can reach 40%, and taking into account the fact that the UAE and in particular Dubai is the comfortable vacation spot and tourists come many times, and some even buy the real estate or open business and economy of money at rent of a car in the Absolute rent a car company is considerable. Secondly you foreknow by what car you will go. In fact all cars in our park are in fine technical a state and are products of the leading global car makers. But happens that the client wants to pass on this or that car for example is going to buy the car and wants to spend temporarily on the same car. The big companies can't guarantee above - they write similar only everywhere, that is the similar car. But also at us in rare instances happens that the ordered car became emergency or the client doesn't want to return a car and took the car on long rent - that is provided by us to the client of a car of higher class, or more the best on a complete set and without additional surcharges. In the third we have the experienced personnel which always try to help and prompt in case of need to the client if there is any question. The personnel can communicate in three languages: English, Russian and Philippine. We planned to increase quantity of languages in which our personnel will express . Besides we try to select sensible personnel because it is not comfotable when you dont understand and wait for someone in hot environment . In the fourth even in the large company there can be problems with return of a deposit. In our company already more than in five years there was no case when the client didn't receive the deposit (minus salik and penalties if were) In the fifth our company always provide a substitution car in case of repair or for the period of passing planned THAT or in emergency cases which are provided in the Contract. All this becomes quickly and in the most convenient time for our Client. Besides we always react to all offers and notes stated by our clients. And also with great pleasure we receive and upload comments to our website.

  • We rent a car in your company and have made good photos. How we can share our photos in Instagramm Absolute Rent a Car?

    Of course! Send your rollers and photos and we will place them in our Instagrmm with pleasure . We often see very beautiful photos and rollers made on our cars on pages of Instagram of our clients and we will be glad to put on these materials in our page. Send us to WhatsApp (surely marked for Instagram)

  • What citizens of the states can rent cars in your company without the international rights?

    Residents of the following countries can rent a car by the national rights without having the international rights: Kuwait, Austria, Great Britain, France, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Ireland, Turkey, Denmark, Portugal, Bahrain, Netherlands, Sweden, Romania, Oman, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Finland, Qatar, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore.

  • I would like to ask about the car Toyota Camry, I heard that cars of this brand aren't popular in Dubai. Wanted to know whether this is true if yes that with what it is connected?

    Toyota Camries are available in our vehicle fleet. During operation cars of this brand and model proved to be from very good party. They caused a stir in special reliability, ergonomic salon, modern appearance. Camry is a business class car sample Assembly of cars is also faultless. These cars are manufactured in Australia. But at an insignificant part of the population of the UAE and Dubai in particular Camry is associated with the taxi. Though logically therefore that Camry also gets to the taxi because of the reliability, a modern look, comfortable salon. In Dubai taxi meet - by Camry on speedometers of which it is wound more than 1 000 0000 km. Some time ago taxi of the UAE tried and try to use the Hyundai models, but unfortunately through 100 - 200 thousand cars begin to break (in particular don't maintain the gearbox) and holders of vehicle fleets gather Camry again. So this prejudice about Camry as the taxi car has from real life nothing in common. Toyota Camry is and remains the best car in the segment. And our clients riding these cars it is excited. Though we admit to us this prejudice goes too it isn't good - we are forced to hand over Camry cheaper than would have to, and also often give discount and do special offers on Camry.

  • Did you hear about a major accident in the UAE 6.02.18. Whether you know a detail?

    Yes, оf course: Unpleasant incident on the route Abu Dhabi-Dubai is the central news on the Internet and in TV-network yesterday and today. Dense fog became the reason of serious accident: • 44 cars Are damaged or completely destroyed; • the Number of victims made more than 20 people, part of them is taken to hospital; • several days will be spent for elimination of effects of accident. Especially as it is necessary to change a part of barrier and to evacuate the crumpled cars on utilization – they aren't subject to recovery. And drivers should think about buying of the new car or of a major repair, especially – if the damaged cars was taken for rent in Dubai, and it needs to be returned perfectly safe. The initial cause of the accident – collision of two cars. Having remained on the road in dense fog, they became the first link of chain reaction and a target for other cars which were also moving with over speeding. It was also damaged by several cars standing on a roadside with the purpose to wait adverse conditions. Video which is already laid out in network gives the chance to estimate scale of an event. Some of the broken cars in dense fog into which on full speed other passenger cars and even – the huge truck crash. Fortunately, the most part of passengers managed to leave salon in time and to depart far away from the route, and several people tried to help those who couldn't get out independently because of the jammed doors. There were also those who removed the events – for certain, these records will serve as materials for future lawsuits.

  • Is public transport popular in the UAE?

    The statistics for last year confirms relevance and demand of services of public transport in the Emirates. And all this is despite the developed service of services the premium of the taxi and the numerous companies rendering services in a segment of rent of a car in all territory of the UAE. So, during 2017 and buses more than 550 million people have used subway services. This indicator is 7 million more, than in 2016. Thus, loading of public transport continues, surely grow, forcing Management to take on roads the appropriate measures for optimization of the movement. In terms of daily data, experts give number in 1,5mln the person – so many citizens and guests of the country every day resort to services of vehicles of general purpose. At the same time in the annual report of the director of road management the prevalence of the subway is noted – about 36% of all passengers fall to his share. It is slightly less – about 28% – at buses and the taxi. In terms of figures the number of passengers of the subway has made more than 200 million. Burjuman and Union, and the most demanded – the red line were the most loaded stations. Breakdown on months has shown that most of all passengers were accepted in March and in December – respectively 49 and 48,8mln. person. Perhaps, it is connected with tourism which peak is the share of the beginning of winter and for February-March. Besides, during the winter season the Emirates traditionally become the world center of holding exhibitions and sales that also influences attendance of the country and consumer ability of local population. Those who have no individual transport prefer to go to shopping by the subway or the bus bringing citizens directly to doors of the shopping and exhibition centers. The same way dynamics of work of taxi services prestige class changes and economy car rental in the UAE services - in the winter on these services demand sharply increases, gradually decreasing by summer. In the report the CEO of local road management Al Tayer has reported that, since 2006, the share of public transport has increased from 6 up to today's 17 percent. In plans of the management – increase in this indicator up to 20% in the next two years and up to 30 percent by 2030.

  • And how in the UAE they solve a problem of traffic jams?

    Yes, it is valid, infinite traffic jams between Dubai and Sharjah forced the authorities to take the most drastic measures on correction of a situation. The new road between Sharjah and Dubai will help to cope with kilometer traffic jams. Already by the end of 2018 it is going to optimize a number of outcomes and to build new trasses which will help to unload a many thousands car traffic in two directions. A number of projects already is in work, and by January, 2019 all drawn-up plans will be completely implemented. In the statement the minister of development of infrastructure Abdullah ibn Mohammed Belkheyf Al Nuaymi was rather categorical. He assured residents of Sharjah and Dubai that within the next 6-8 months they will be able to forget about traffic jams completely. Despite the impressive cost of the general project of improvement of the road message – 200 million dirhams, are already mastered about 75% now, and the result of works doesn't keep itself waiting. The video cameras installed along local routes show the free movement of passenger and cargo transport within a day. An exception - short rush hour in morning and evening hours when citizens reach for work, and tourists a dense flow on the rented cars in the UAE, go towards local shopping centers and a beach strip. Among the main plans of the authorities for improvement of a road situation – opening of the four-kilometer bridge in August of the current year. Besides, it is decided to redirect a significant amount of trucks. So, in certain time when on trasses the maximum number of cars is observed, trucks will be able to use only (E611) Route Emirates not to complicate already difficult road situation. Especially for heavy-load cars on the road the special strip and dozens of capacious parking spaces will be equipped. Also among long-term plans which need to be implemented till 2021, - construction of the fourth bridge between Dubai and Sharjah. According to specialists, it will allow to unload Al Ittihad Highways overflowed today, Mohammed Bin Zayed and the route Emirates. Design works are already started, and in the nearest future on an object intensive construction will begin.

  • What «smart» number of cars will appear in Dubai in the nearest future?

    In the nearest future testing of new – "smart" - car numbers will begin in Dubai. Transition from normal metal plates to digital technologies is dictated by the aspiration of the city to deserve an honorary title most "technically advanced" the megalopolis of the world and also – desire of the authorities to simplify process of accounting and control of vehicles, to reduce number of road incidents and to make roads the safest for all participants of the movement. Reform will concern one and all vehicles – both private, and cars of commercial assignment and also – the car offered for rent in the UAE. It should be noted: number boards in the usual look will remain on the place. And here their design and the placed information will be able to change in the virtual mode, without demanding dismantling and replacement of the number. The initiative of the municipal government of roads and transport (RTA) of transition to digital option of accounting and delivery of number boards allowed to begin successful cooperation with the Team Target International company from the USA, the representative of Reviver Auto in the Middle East region. Today still any country didn't promote in this direction, and the Emirates will be the first who mastered the digital system of number boards and successfully implemented it on local roads. In the performance before the press Abdullah Yusuf Al Ali, the CEO of the Agency of licensing of RTA, said that digital car numbers will become the beginning of a new era of development of transport infrastructure of the country and will cause cardinal transformations in reform of the concept of traffic. At the same time the main advantage of an innovation – a possibility of the centralized control and number boards, and cars "tied" to them. Now theft of the CU can be monitored timely and even - to prevent and also – to do on numbers the special mark reporting about accident or notifying that driving there is a driver with a small experience. Besides, it is going to integrate digital numbers with the systems of electronic payments for acceleration and optimization of accounting of receipts of penalties, contributions, etc.

  • Tell us about the new parking payment system in Dubai

    The organization of street parking for private cars is a painful topic for most megalopolises in the world, which is further complicated by the problem of controlling incoming funds. In Dubai, with this phenomenon, we decided to fight using innovative digital technologies. Specialists of the local Department of Traffic and Transport have developed a new system Smart Scan System, designed to control the payment of parking spaces by car owners and clients of car rental services in the UAE. Currently, the testing of new devices is completely completed, and the system is successfully put into action, promising to ruthlessly fight those who decide to save on payment for services received. The principle of operation of the new Smart Scan System is simple - a special technique installed in the cars of traffic inspectors makes it easy to calculate the machines whose owners have evaded payment for the parking space. Perhaps, for violators, the demand to pay off the debt will be a complete surprise - they counted on complete impunity. At the same time, an intelligent system can not be deceived - any attempts to prove one's "innocence" will be crushed against the flawless work of modern technology. The solution of the problem makes it much easier to replace paper parking coupons with electronic receipts, information from which is read even in the remote mode. The introduction of a system for monitoring parking fees Smart Scan System is one more step in a large-scale strategy for the widespread introduction of artificial intelligence technologies in the country. In this direction the Emirates have already broken out into the leaders and intend to consolidate their won positions. In addition, the automation of the calculation of parking violators is an additional measure of the Dubai Traffic and Transportation Authority, whose employees are constantly confronted with the reluctance of citizens to pay for a parking space, despite it, a very reasonable cost. Given the number of cars in the metropolis, you can be sure that the technology will pay off very quickly, and citizens will acquire a useful habit of paying for the services received. Thus, the number of violators will noticeably decrease, and the parking regime in large cities will approach the model one.

  • From what agt can I rent a car in Absolute Rent a Car?

    From the beginning of October in our company Absolute Rent a Car it wil be possible to rent a car from the age of 21.

  • My name is Victor. I'm a regular customer of Absolute rent a car. I rent a car in Dubai. Advise how to reduce the cost of fines?

    Absolute Rent a Car is glad to see you among our constant customers who rent cars in Dubai in our company. In order to reduce fines, the most important thing is to comply with the speed limit, t to around 90% of the fines - this is the penalties for speeding. The speed can be exceeded by no more than 15 km / h. For example, if the limit is 60 km / h, then do not exceed 75 km / h and so on. Also, if you are standing in a parking lot, you need to see if the parking is paid, if paid, then it is necessary to pay. Either sms, or throw coins into a parking machine. And just wear seat belts If these conditions are met, the probability of obtaining a fine is minimized.

  • I want to rent a car in Dubai in the company Absolute rent a car, tell me how not to pay salisks?

    Salik is a toll road. Driving under the frame on which RTA saliki is written, 4 dirhas are automatically deducted from you. At the moment in the UAE there are only 4 frames that take money for travel. Two are on Sheikh Zayed Road. For example, if you drive from Dubai Marina or Palm Jumeira in the direction of Sharjah in the mall emirates You pass under one frame pay one salik, if in the Dubai mall - then the two frames that is, you fall on 2 sledges. Returning you will also catch salicks. The third frame of the salik is on the bridge; and the fourth one at the entrance to Sharjah. There are no more frames of the Salisks in the UAE - neither in Abu Dhabi, nor in other emirates. Avoiding the payment of salami can be choosing paths of detours on parallel roads, for example, use the navigator "to avoid toll roads" But it must be taken into account that on parallel roads the speed limit is set much lower than on the Sheikh Zayed Road and there are traffic lights. And in case of hitting a fine due to speeding which will amount to 500 dirham, the effect of saving will not be. Typically, the cost of tourists' salik ranges from 80 to 160 dirh. The choice is yours. Have a good trip.

  • Tell us about the new license plates with the date of birth.

    The Dubai Road and Transport Agency (RTA) initiative on the sale of license plates with "zest" found lively support from motorists. A luxury car with a "tricky" number, symbolizing something important for the owner, is able to attract everyone's attention and force others to break their heads over their secrets. A tangible income that brings to the budget the sale of such license plates, allows you to implement all new solutions that improve the lives of drivers and pedestrians. Considering the past successful experience in the sale of license plates, the Dubai Road and Transport Authority announced the launch of the next stage of the event, designed for the W series. The five-digit number, according to the plans of the developers, allows everyone to choose a combination reminiscent of an important date or event of their lives. It can be a birthday - your own, a close person or a child, the date of marriage, the beginning of a serious business, the date of obtaining rights, just a good day, etc. The first two digits mean day, the third month, and the last two - the year in the interval from 1967 to 2018. Thus, the motorists of the Emirates have an additional opportunity to remind themselves and others about something important from their own lives and at the same time - to declare themselves in a favorable light. Those who are already interested in this offer could not remain indifferent to the question of the cost of a new unique license plate. Today its price is about 1670 Dhs, or in the calculation for the American currency - 450 dollars. In principle, very inexpensive. Perhaps businesses with a large fleet of vehicles or services of hired a car in the UAE will abandon such an unusual initiative. But ordinary motorists, especially those who plan to present a gift to a close person in the form of a modern vehicle, may well agree to buy, which will make the surprise even more pleasant. All those who decided to decorate their car with a new license plate can be contacted about its purchase to the RTA service centers, to its suppliers and partners, and also to apply through the site of the Office or the "smart application" of Dubai Drive.

  • Tell us about the size of the fine in the Emirates for washing the car in the wrong places

    The past quarter of 2018 immediately brought trouble to 681 residents of the emirate of Sharjah. Washing your own car turned out to be a serious fine for them - from 250 to 500 dirhams. The punishing state bodies explained their actions very simply - the use of large amounts of soap solution causes serious harm to the environment. Information about significant financial sanctions quickly became public knowledge. And today, those who travel to the Emirates by car or use the services of leasing a car in the UAE have to use the services of specialized stations, where you can bring transport to order yourself without violation of law. All those who fall into the category of penalty box, combines quite ordinary action - washing the car on the street of a residential area. The authorities of Sharjah indicate that the surrounding nature suffers a lot from the effects of aggressive chemistry, by means of which the body and the bottom are cleaned of sand and dust. At the same time, any attempt to escape from the watchful eyes of the regulatory authorities will not be crowned with success. Inspection of the residential areas of the emirate is carried out around the clock. And any car enthusiast who decides to put the car in order by the light of the stars will be easily detected and brought to justice to the fullest extent of local legislation. There is another aspect of the problem - washing a car can result in a trivial crime, for example, the theft of the personal property of the owner. Such facts were repeatedly recorded in cases when the service was entrusted to third parties - illegal immigrants providing services for a penny to everyone. It should be noted that the fines for washing cars did not become something unexpected. This practice has been operating in the country for a sufficient time so that everyone can find an alternative way to care for a vehicle. So, compared with the first quarter of last year, the number of violators on the issue of “unauthorized cleaning” has significantly decreased. In a regular speech to the press, the head of the hygiene department in the municipality of Sharjah Mohammed Al Qabbi explained the reduction in the number of fines conducted by the information campaign, as well as a significant increase in the amount of the fine.