25 April 2023
Flydubai resumes accepting Visa, Mastercard and Mir cards from Russian banks

20 April 2023
Tour operators are now offering holiday programs in the Emirates and for the summer period

Intense demand of Russian citizens for beach vacations has forced tour operators to extend flights for summer to several topical destinations available from Russian regions.

02 April 2023
The city of Sharjah is celebrating the Festival, which is timed to coincide with the holy month of Ramadan

The 33rd celebration, organized by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is held under the well-known slogan. The main purpose of the festival: to bring family members together in an atmosphere of warmth, love and joy of the delightful holy fast of Ramazan and one of the five pillars of Islam.

02 April 2023
5-year family visa in the UAE

The UAE authorities have provided an opportunity for foreign children under the age of 60 months to receive a tourist visa, which is valid for 60 months, without the need for sponsorship.

09 March 2023
Dubai residents have been given the green light to sponsor loved ones

Permanent residents are allowed to sponsor family members and friends. Dubai is updating its visa policy.

07 March 2023
Dubai authorities will help residents with overstayed visa documents

Dubai will meet the needs of those who find themselves in a difficult situation due to overstayed visa. According to official sources, Dubai will help those who have problems with visa documents.

27 January 2023
In the UAE there will be new fines for workers

Since January 1, 2023 in the UAE will appear the new type of fines for employees of private and state companies. So, if the worker won't have the unemployment insurance the penalty will be 400 dirhams.

25 January 2023
A new way of extending visitor visas to the UAE for Russian citizens

In the UAE there is again a way to extend the guest visa, which requires crossing the border. In this regard, travel agencies have launched an "airport to airport" package for tourists.

13 November 2022
Changes in the UAE visa regime

Visas for 60 days previously valid in the UAE will now be extended to 5 years.

13 November 2022
Tourists from Russia abroad can use domestic cards

According to the executive director of ATOR, Russian citizens can pay for tours in the UAE and Turkey through a personal account on the website of the travel company, as well as a mobile banking application.