Flydubai resumes accepting Visa, Mastercard and Mir cards from Russian banks

Renowned company Flydubai (FZ), headquartered in Dubai, has resumed the service of plastic cards from the Russian Federation. In particular, this applies not only to cards MIR, but also Visa, Mastercard.

You can purchase a ticket through the Flydubai website by making a reservation. In this case, select "Pay Later" and receive a unique code for the reservation. To pay for your ticket you should use the link sent by the TMGroup Russian Call Centre.

Don't forget you will be charged a 7% commission of the ticket price, plus an extra fee for each flight segment and a handling fee. You can also use these cards to pay for car rental services in Dubai.

TMG reports about possible problems when using the MIR system for payment at Flydubai. The solution to the problem has been found: the company provides a new link in case of failure to pay.

Union Pay from the Chinese system is not currently serviced by Flydubai.

Another economy firm, Air Arabia, is based in Sharjah, UAE. The company accepts payment with Visa and MasterCard, but the MIR card is not serviced. Tickets for Air Arabia flights are purchased from a paying agent, which charges a 6% commission on the price. Buying through this agent involves filling out a form on the website and receiving a link to pay at a separate representative office. Thus, a reservation on an airline's web site may be paid only through a Russian representative office.

Visa and MasterCard announced a temporary freeze on operations in Russia last spring. However, holders of Russian bank cards that have already been issued are still able to use them in the country in the usual manner. At the same time, it becomes impossible to pay for goods and services with the cards of these companies abroad.