The United Arab Emirates expects that the number of of tourists from the Russian Federation in 2023 will be about 1 million

Based on analytical data, the UAE tourism industry expects to receive about 1 million tourists from the Russian Federation in 2023. million tourists from the Russian Federation in 2023. This information was voiced by the President of the United Arab Emirates Mohamed bin Salman. Emirates Mohamed bin Saeed Al Nahyan during the international economic forum, which was held in St. Petersburg.

According to the Arab leader, the interaction between the representatives of the private sector of the of the states has a rather high value. He noted that the inflow of foreign tourists to the UAE has a positive impact on the development of the country's economy. Therefore, this year they hope for an inflow of tourists from the Russian Federation in the amount of about 1 million.

It is worth noting that already from the beginning of 2020 in many countries from the world pandemic suffered not only the tourist sphere, but also the field of civil aviation, as many passenger flights were canceled, and the borders of states were closed. Additional restrictions were also imposed additional restrictions that were meant to prevent the spread of the infection, but also had a negative impact on the economy.

The UAE has managed to overcome the crisis and recover to its previous levels. Based on the statements of the AT RF, as of 02.03.2022, the most popular country for Russians in the field of tourism was Turkey. The second place was occupied by the United Arab Emirates. The number of visitors amounted to about 1.1 million tourists. If we look at the statistics for certain emirates, Dubai turned out to be the most popular. It was visited by about 758,000 Russians. At the same time, only 74,000 tourists from the Russian Federation visited the capital emirate of Abu Dhabi.