International driving license

A driver's license is proof that its holder knows the rules of the road and other regulations that relate to moving on a motor vehicle. Naturally, the rules will differ from country to country, as well as driving regulations. For example, in the UAE traffic is left-handed, while in many other countries it is right-handed. Such discrepancies lead to difficulties for drivers who want to go abroad and rent a car for trips there. They are required to obtain an international driver's license. Such documents confirm the knowledge of the peculiarities of the rules in other countries.

Definition of an IDP

An international driver's license is a document that is provided by one country at the request of another. It makes sure that the person receiving such a document is well acquainted with the requirements of traffic rules of the state where he or she enters. The UN regulates these documents with the help of international treaties. Different states will have different conditions for such documents. Differences may even apply to different countries from which people arrive, as some of them will have minimal differences in the rules.

Issuance of IPDs

The requirements for obtaining a driver's license valid in other countries will be different in each case, depending on the issuing state. At the same time, one of the basic conditions for obtaining in practically all cases is the possession of the driver's license of the person in his own country. This confirms his competence in matters of driving a car. This provision is quite logical, since with a driving license one can speak about the presence of the basics of understanding of driving, traffic rules and other nuances. Without it, one cannot speak about getting an IDP.

For which countries is the IDP relevant?

The IDP conditions in Canada for U.S. drivers do not require an IDP. At the same time, it is required to have an international driver's license in the UAE in order to rent a car.

Conditions for renting a car

It is not always necessary to have an IDV in order to rent a car and drive it. This is largely determined by the policy of the specific company providing rental services. There are situations when it is possible to rent a vehicle without IDPs. This is especially true in cases where the lessee will not drive himself. For such cases, companies leave the possibility of leasing a car without the obligatory presence of the driver's license. At the same time, almost all car rental companies in Dubai, including Absolute Rent Car Dubai, make the availability of IDP as a condition of lease.

Proof of international driver's license - Duration

An ID card is valid for a certain period of time. Validity will vary from country to country. In general, it lasts 12 months. Once the period of validity has expired, it is necessary to renew the license.

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