Infinity Rental Dubai

500 AED
3000 AED
10000 AED
Price for 9 days:
+ tax 950 AED
Infinity QX80 Titanum
7 people
405 h.p.

Rent an Infinity in Dubai

Comfortable, prestigious, impressive. That's exactly how you can describe a trip around the UAE in a premium SUV. So if you want to turn your vacation into a series of unforgettable and positive emotions, then pay attention to Infinity. The car has an expressive exterior, will delight you with a comfortable interior and a soft, dynamic course. Renting an Infinity in Dubai will cost from AED 979 per day. And you will be able to drive one of the most prestigious cars.

Infinity rentals in Dubai - a status choice

Infinity rentals could be considered the spirit of Dubai. After all, the UAE is a country of luxury and comfort. That is exactly what the Infinity brand is. Every detail in this car has been thought out:

  • Unique exterior. Such a car is immediately noticeable. It emphasizes the status and power of its owner.
  • High-quality interior trim, heated leather seats, air conditioning system - all this allows enjoying comfort on any trip.
  • The car is equipped with modern safety system, navigation and multimedia, which makes the trip even more pleasant and comfortable.
  • Infinity has high off-road capability and dynamics, which makes the car a great choice for those who are looking for a car for traveling in the UAE.

Infinity is a prestigious brand with a high level of technology, comfort and safety that will provide an unforgettable experience. In order to rent a car you should reserve the car for the dates you are interested in, present your passport and driving license.