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Prices are pre-tax 5%
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2560 AED
19920 AED
47920 AED
Price for 9 days:
+ tax 950 AED
Lamborghini Urus 2019 GCC
5 people
650 h.p.
2250 AED
17531 AED
52200 AED
Price for 9 days:
+ tax 950 AED
Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4
2 people
610 h.p.

How can rental Lamborghini?

Indicate your wishes and trip data and we will pick you a car for your conditions!

Hire Lamborghini Dubai

Fans of speed who are not ready to part with it even during a vacation in the UAE can take advantage of the company Absolute Rent Car and rent a Lamborghini in Dubai. Such option will allow really feeling the comfort and exclusivity of stay in this city.

Our sports car rental service allows you to get the right car for the entire period of your visit to the UAE. If necessary, we can even bring the car to the airport for the arrival of your flight. In this case you will need to spend only 10-15 minutes for drawing up the necessary papers and fixing the passport details. After that you can go anywhere by renting Lamborghini - of course, within the UAE.

Lamborghini for rent in Dubai

Absolute Rent Car's website has a directory of convertible rentals where you can compare all the available options and choose your favorite model. The reservation of the car is possible without advance payment for any period of time.

It is worth bearing in mind that the cost of hire Lamborghini in Dubai depends not only on the car model but also on the agreement duration. If you lease the car for a week or more the daily price reduces significantly, and if you lease the car for more than a month, the saving will be up to 50%. In addition, our prices are 10-20% lower than the competition, that is why most Russian travelers prefer to rent luxury cars from us.

Need comfort in Dubai? Make an application on the website or call us +97 155 588-91-46.

  • Rental conditions

    The car can be rented by a person over 21 years old with at least 1 year of driving experience. Residents of the UAE present only a passport and a license proving the required experience. Visitors and non-residents must have:

    • A foreign passport;
    • License obtained in the country of residence;
    • An international driving license of a standard form (not required for citizens of all countries).
  • Amount required for rental

    The company will charge the customer a sum sufficient to pay the rental fee and an additional fee of AED 2000 as a refundable deposit. Out of this money is paid the cost of driving on the toll road sections (saliq) and fines received from the traffic police. After 30 days from the end of the rental, the deposit is returned to the customer. Monthly delay is due to the time the fines arrive in the UAE.

  • Insurance

    A minimum insurance package, included in the rental price. This protects against accidents that are not the fault of the person renting the car. In an accident where the customer is at fault, he will pay a fine of AED 1500. The company provides the option of extended insurance, on payment of which the fine will not be assessed.

  • Why us
    • The rented car will be waiting at the airport precisely at the appointed time.
    • It is possible to order several cars, the company's staff will pick up or deliver the car to any part of the UAE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Rental prices are on average 15% lower than those of our competitors.
    • There are special offers. Discounts are given to loyal clients.
    • Rental without pre-payment and presentation of credit card.