Jac Rental Dubai

220 AED
1390 AED
2600 AED
Price for 9 days:
+ tax 950 AED
Jac S3 2023
5 people
118 h.p.

Jac rentals in Dubai

Rent a Jac in Dubai and spend your vacation or business trip in one of the most exclusive locations on the planet in maximum comfort. Not only will you appreciate the city of contrasts, where breathtaking skyscrapers rub shoulders with desert landscapes and exquisite beaches, but you can also travel around the UAE without restrictions. Book a rental from 239 AED and get a comfortable car at your complete disposal.

Why choose Jac

Renting a Jac allows you to drive around town in the comfort of a stylish SUV, and the true feeling of freedom. You can forget about public transport and problems with calling a cab. You can enjoy the views and the atmosphere of the city as much as possible from your Jac.

Sign up to rent your Jac if you want to:

  • Have a fully serviceable vehicle at your disposal. All our cars have regular technical inspections which guarantee safe driving.
  • Take care of your comfort and your good mood. Your Jac is equipped with the latest technology and amenities. You can enjoy a comfortable ride by adjusting the music and air conditioning to your liking.
  • Add prestige. Jac is Italian luxury and chic, which is conveyed in the exterior and interior of the car. SUV perfectly conveys the spirit of luxury and high style of Dubai.
  • Maneuverability and passability. Jac is famous for its dynamics. The cars are equipped with powerful engines that allow them to reach high speed and high performance. A solid wheelbase allows you to drive on any off-road.

You can book a car for the dates you need on the website. Make sure the model you like is available during your stay in Dubai.