Rules for car rental in the Emirates

To create comfortable conditions of stay in the UAE will help to have a vehicle. There are a number of rules that you should know and it is important to follow, renting a car in Dubai. To avoid offenses and their consequences, it is recommended to observe Six important requirements.

6 rules for renting a car in the Emirates

Driver's license

In order to rent a car, visitors to the UAE will require a mandatory International driver's license. In the territory of the country for locals The right to use a license when driving. A similar local permit of some countries is valid in Dubai. But this information needs to be clarified, as as there may be a need to obtain a local license.

Age restrictions

Driving a car is allowed from the age of 18. Ability to rent a car is given from the age of 21. You should be aware that there are age restrictions on driving Certain models of cars that require a minimum age of 25 years old.

Security Deposit

Cash deposit is an obligatory requirement when executing documents for use of the car. You should be prepared for this. It is standard practice for rent. One of the best ways of the guarantee deposit may be a certain part of the credit card. The amount is blocked until the safe of the car back to the company of the lessor.

Driving outside the UAE

Car rental companies do not allow you to drive the rental car outside of the UAE. The car rental firms do not allow driving outside the UAE. This is an important rule that should be kept in mind when wishing to visit neighboring states. In this case it is necessary to find an alternative option with your own transport.

Valid insurance

Valid insurance for the rental car is an indispensable requirement for use. Insurance is standard practice and is offered by landlords in terms of legal regulations. When taking out a document, it is important to pay attention to the maximum coverage, as well as information about inclusions and exclusions, in case of emergencies. In our company, when renting a car, CDR insurance is included in the rental price, in this case, if the client gets into an accident through his fault (red police report), the client pays a fine of 1500 dirh.

Salik tolls and fines

Salik is an electronic toll road system operating in the United Arab Emirates. The fee is automatically collected and will be added to the the final amount when you pay the rent.

This information about car rental regulations in Dubai will help you easily use any vehicle, Absolute rent a car will give you a wide choice of cars.

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