Lincoln Rental Dubai

1190 AED
6990 AED
19990 AED
Price for 9 days:
+ tax 950 AED
Lincoln Navigator 2021
8 people
456 h.p.

Lincoln rental in Dubai

Planning a business or family trip in the Emirates is now even easier. After all, Absolut Rent a Car has opened a Lincoln car rental in Dubai. You can rent a car from 1190 AED per day. You will have a premium SUV at your disposal. This is not just a cool test drive a car that many people can only dream about. This is a real opportunity to spend a few days in the UAE with maximum comfort.

When it is worth renting a Lincoln

First of all, renting a Lincoln in Dubai is an opportunity to emphasize your prestige, enhance your image. Therefore, cars are in demand among businessmen and companies, in the car fleet of which there are no premium foreign cars. In addition, you can book Lincoln for:

  • Weddings, anniversaries, other celebrations. The background of the car will be delightful photos.
  • A family who wants to spend an unforgettable vacation in the Emirates.
  • Meeting guests at the airport. Saloon accommodates up to 8 people. Therefore, you will be able to meet important guests without extra costs with prestige.

You can choose a foreign car on our site. For renting one needs a passport and a driving license.