Car rental in Dubai (UAE) under Russian driver license

In 2018, the UAE government signed a document . It allows the use of Russian rights on the territory of the country. Therefore, car rental in Dubai by driver license of Russian Federation is available. So the authorities of Dubai want to make the stay of Russians in these places more comfortable. But the international license will still be required for non-residents.

What documents should be provided when deciding to rent a car in UAE

In order to drive with on the roads of the picturesque country, Non-residents need to provide the following package of documents:

  • Passport
  • National License
  • International license (not valid for everyone, so a foreign one will have to be obtained according to nationality).

Residents need only provide a passport and driver's license issued at least one year old.

Return of the deposit is made after 30 days. This is explained by the fact that the local police only assess fines for 3-4 weeks.That's why rental organizations do not remove the deposit for a long time.

Requirements for the driver

Renting a car in Dubai with a Russian license is available only to those who At least 21 years old. But in some cases the age can be increased up to 23-25 years. This especially concerns rental of expensive luxury cars. The minimum driving experience is 1 year.

There are no requirements for gender, so women and men can rent a car.

Receiving, returning a car

To rent a car in Dubai to a citizen of the Russian Federation is an ideal opportunity to get more pleasant, exciting experiences. A passport, license, ID will be required. Employees will be asked to to fill out a car inspection chart. As for the currency of the payment you can use any currency - it will be converted into dirhams. If necessary, you will need to pay not only the fines (if any), but also the toll roads, the saliks will be deducted.


It is included in the total cost of renting a car. But if the renter gets into an accident through his own fault, he will have to pay a fine of AED 1500. If the driver of the accident is innocent, then the customer don't have to pay anything. For a fee, the customer gets the right to purchase insurance. In the event that he or she is found guilty of in a car accident, you will not have to pay a fine. The insurance will keep you safe from of that kind of trouble.


Indicate your wishes and trip data and we will pick you a car for your conditions!


Where to go?

You can rent a car and drive around the country without hindrance the whole country, without a limit on the mileage, in any direction. The tourist has no need to save money on services, because here is cheap gasoline, high quality road conditions and a wide range of places you want to visit.

Fill out an application on the website to get a car at the most comfortable for you, even late at night. Delivery is carried out at any place. Specialists will choose the best for you option, based on your preferences, goals, financial situation. Call on the specified number now to deliver the car in as soon as possible.