World Expo 2020 in Dubai in October 2021

The World Expo 2020 was one of the most anticipated events for car enthusiasts, which should take place in 2020. But the situation was such that due to the global pandemic, many events had to be canceled or postponed. Now the World Expo 2020 is to be held in October 2021.

The theme of this Expo is "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. The venue for such an event is District 2021, a new district in the south of Dubai.

The new district is located near the local airport, which is called Al Maktoum. It can be reached by car in 20-30 minutes. It is assumed that the relocated exhibition will bring together about 25 million spectators. Naturally, most (presumably three quarters) are foreigners. The timing of the exhibition is about six months, which should not only provide jobs for 50,000 people in the country, but also bring the economy 33.4 billion.

World Expo-2020

Postponement World Expo 2020 to 2021

In moving World Expo 2020 to 2021, organizers decided to keep the name, but started more extensive preparations to make the event larger and attract more visitors to the event. The show has been moved to the Dubai Convention and Exhibition Center, which was previously under renovation. It is a modern complex used for a large number of functions. The area of this center is about 45 square kilometers. It is conventionally divided into a northern part with an area of 17 km2 and a southern part with an area of 28 km2.

For some time there was no certainty that the exhibition could be held in 2021, but the organizers have been preparing intensively. The coronavirus situation in the state has recently become more favorable, but safety issues are still the highest priority. Precautions implemented at the event include:

  • more sanitizers have been installed;
  • markings have been made in certain places to keep the distance;
  • the number of safe seating distances in the eating areas has been increased;
  • there will be staff on site to explain the safety rules for public places during a pandemic. pandemic.

This approach greatly increases the chances that the exhibition will be successful. The rule of wearing masks applies to all visitors and employees. Thanks to the relocation it was possible to realize more ideas and to be better prepared for today's demanding conditions.


Rent car Dubai

How to get there

The local infrastructure allows to get to the airport from the hotel and to the exhibition site in several ways. The fastest and most convenient is to rent a business class car. The client gets the opportunity to get to any part of the city quickly and independently at any time convenient for him. This is a great option because in addition to the exhibition itself, there are quite a few other places to visit in the city. For those people who came on their own or in a small group, a Nissan Altima will do well, while for larger groups it is better to take a roomy 2019 Hyundai H1. Luxury cars are also available for rent here, the most striking representatives of which are the Chevrolet Camaro VI RS Convertible and the Lamborghini URUS 2019 GCC. Car rental in Dubai is offered on favorable conditions, which include:

  • the possibility of free delivery of the car to the hotel;
  • availability of insurance when renting any model;
  • cars in excellent technical condition, they are kept clean.


What else is there to see besides the exhibition

The World Expo 2020 has been going on for quite some time, so there is plenty of potential for visitors to use their time. You can learn more about architecture here, as there will be special tours with demonstrations of pavilions and structures. One of the features is a tour of the exhibition area from the top of an observation tower.

Science and art are planned, so the exhibition will feature design openings, opera performances, etc. The main focus will be the direction of art visualization. There will be innovative technologies, virtual demonstrations, various scientific discoveries. A lot of attention is paid to environmental issues.

The impact of World Expo 2020 on the economy of the country

It is assumed that the country will receive a large flow of foreign investment, not only finances from tourism, which come from visitors to the exhibition. The investment market is open to new proposals, so it is likely to start the development of new business and expansion tourism sector. Economic growth should increase the happiness of citizens, on which the government is working hard. It has even developed a special happiness index, which can be applied to other countries


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