Peculiarities of behavior on the roads of the UAE: a memo to the tourist

A trip to the Emirates will be comfortable and memorable if you turn to a car rental in Dubai to choose your dream car. Left-hand traffic, road signs with inscriptions in Arabic and English and recognizable images, landscaped routes - all this makes the trip safe and intuitive for an experienced driver. At the same time in the UAE the rules are strictly enforced. So you should carefully read the order of behavior on the road to avoid additional costs.

About the rules and fines

To drive a car in the UAE you need to have an international and national sample. Lack of documents faces a fine of 5000 AED.

It is important to consider the speed limit:

  • On the main roads it is 60-80 km/h.
  • In alleys and small streets it is 40 km/h
  • On main roads it is 100-120 km/h.

Speed limits are indicated on road signs. It is important to note that you will be fined not only for exceeding, but also for reducing the speed on the designated section of the road. In the UAE seatbelts are compulsory for the driver and all passengers. Violation implies a fine of 400 AED. The same amount of fine is imposed for:

  • Carrying a child under 10 years of age in the front seat or without an additional passenger seat in the rear seat.
  • Failure to keep a distance.

You will have to pay 500 AED for:

  • Driving through a crosswalk while ignoring a pedestrian.
  • Driving ahead of a car that is moving in a circle.
  • Ignoring signs on the road.
  • Stopping on the track without good reason.
  • Throwing garbage out the window.

Fines are stipulated for:

  • Ignoring turn signals and failing to turn on headlights in fog or darkness: 100-400AED
  • Driving through a red light: 800-1000AED
  • Overtaking with exceeding the speed limit 2000 AED
  • Using a cell phone, smoking, or wishing to powder your nose while to powder your nose while driving will cost 200-800AED
  • Ignoring the signal of special vehicles: 200-800AED

For driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the UAE you will not only a driver's license, but you can also be arrested. Also a fine is foreseen If you leave children and pets in the car without adult supervision.

How do I find out about fines and pay them back

All violations recorded by police officers, traffic cameras and radar guns They are added to a common database. You can view them at You will need to enter your car number to find out what fines have been imposed for a certain period. Often the violations registered by policemen are entered into the database with a delay of 3 or 4 weeks late. Therefore, when making out a rental car in Dubai for the Russians, the conditions is written that the amount to cover the fines is returned to the card with a delay. You can pay the fines at the police station or police service centers.

Payment is accepted by the transportation department. Generally, the company providing the Usually the car rental company takes care of paying the fines, which simplifies things for tourists and does not and does not take away their time.

Attention - toll roads!

When planning your route it is important to remember that many roads in the UAE are not free of charge. Special Barriers and checkpoints are not installed in front of them. Entering such a road is fixed by radar. The fee is included in the list of obligatory payments. You can see on the sign "Salik" or "Salik". You can see the sign "Salik" or "Toll Gate" to know that there is a toll road in front of you.

The toll under the Toll Gate is AED 4 (~0.90€). At the same time, the maximum Dhs 16 (~3.65€) per car per day. On some roads you can travel on public holidays and public transport for up to three days. Holidays and at the times agreed upon by the tenants are free. If you want to avoid extra costs, then when planning your trip set your navigation system to "no toll roads". In this case you will be may not be the shortest, but the cheapest route.

How to behave when stopped by the police

Police officers in the UAE regularly patrol the streets, monitoring compliance with traffic rules.

They also check parking lots. There are usually cameras on the highways that record any violation.

It is important to adhere to the rules:

  • It is forbidden to overtake police cars.
  • If you are stopped on the road, show international and national license, passport, rental agreement. Be polite.
  • For bribes you can be arrested.
  • In case of a traffic jam, allow staggered cars coming from on a secondary road.
  • Don't forget to turn on your turn signals, emergency lights.

In case of complicated and disputable situations on the road, contact a representative of the rental company.


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