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Prices are pre-tax 5%
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357 AED
2280 AED
4560 AED
Price for 9 days:
+ tax 950 AED
Volkswagen ID.4 Crozz
5 people
204 h.p.
417 AED
2660 AED
5320 AED
Price for 9 days:
+ tax 950 AED
Volkswagen ID.4 X 2023
5 people

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Electric car rental in Dubai

Get more positive emotions in Dubai by arranging an electric car rental in Emirates from Absolut Rent car company's fleet. And you will be able to appreciate all the benefits of traveling in an electric car yourself.

5 reasons to choose an electric car in Dubai

Renting an electric car in Dubai has a number of advantages:

  • Prestigious and comfortable car. It is in no way inferior to SUV.
  • Extensive opportunities to charge the engine. You can do it at special charging stations at gas stations, as well as from an ordinary outlet on your way.
  • Possibility to test new car brands independently on the road. Electric cars are gaining popularity in recent times. You can decide before buying, how suitable for you such a car.
  • Soft ride and increased safety. Provides maximum comfort during journeys.
  • Engine charge is enough for a long trip. The car is provided with a charged battery, which you have enough on average for 500 km of travel.

In addition, if you charge the battery yourself, you can save the budget. After all, such "refueling" is cheaper than buying gasoline.

You can rent an electric car in Dubai from us with your passport and driving license. You just need to choose a car, specify the date of rental, make a payment. And we will provide a car to the agreed place, so you can enjoy your holiday in the Emirates, planning your own route.

  • Rental conditions

    The car can be rented by a person over 21 years old with at least 1 year of driving experience. Residents of the UAE present only a passport and a license proving the required experience. Visitors and non-residents must have:

    • A foreign passport;
    • License obtained in the country of residence;
    • An international driving license of a standard form (not required for citizens of all countries).
  • Amount required for rental

    The company will charge the customer a sum sufficient to pay the rental fee and an additional fee of AED 2000 as a refundable deposit. Out of this money is paid the cost of driving on the toll road sections (saliq) and fines received from the traffic police. After 30 days from the end of the rental, the deposit is returned to the customer. Monthly delay is due to the time the fines arrive in the UAE.

  • Insurance

    A minimum insurance package, included in the rental price. This protects against accidents that are not the fault of the person renting the car. In an accident where the customer is at fault, he will pay a fine of AED 1500. The company provides the option of extended insurance, on payment of which the fine will not be assessed.

  • Why us
    • The rented car will be waiting at the airport precisely at the appointed time.
    • It is possible to order several cars, the company's staff will pick up or deliver the car to any part of the UAE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Rental prices are on average 15% lower than those of our competitors.
    • There are special offers. Discounts are given to loyal clients.
    • Rental without pre-payment and presentation of credit card.