A brief summary of traffic regulations in Dubai (2022)

Rapid technological progress has flooded the roads with cars. This has resulted in a large number of fatalities due to driver negligence. Governments around the world have developed traffic laws for vehicle owners and drivers. Based on national traditions and local lifestyles, the rules include provisions for the type of car and road, natural, industrial and infrastructural features of the regions that can affect driving.

By renting a car in a foreign country the tourist becomes autonomous and mobile, saving precious vacation time. This type of tourism has become widespread all over the world, including Dubai. Where car rental has become very accessible and cheap. However tourists before the trip don't think about the fact that it is necessary at least to get acquainted with the rules of the road of the country they are visiting. It is very important to understand the purpose of road signs and signs with local features. Taking into account the unawareness of newcomers, every car rental shop in Dubai has started to explain the peculiarities of local traffic rules. This service is free of charge, but is provided at the request of the car renter. Nevertheless, it contributes to the reduction of accidents on the roadways.


What traffic rules should you pay special attention to in Dubai

It is compulsory to wear a seat belt while driving. This rule applies to the driver and passengers of the vehicle. If a violation is proven, a fine of AED 400 and 4 black points on your driving record will be imposed. This applies to both the driver and the passenger. The driver is strictly prohibited from using cell phones and communication devices while driving: making calls, receiving and sending text messages, performing any activity with them. This violation results in a fine of AED 800 and 4 black points on your driving record.

Exceeding the designated speed limit is a violation of the rules. The speed limit in Dubai is: on freeways ̶ 100-120 km/h, on main roads ̶ 60-100 km/h, on secondary roads ̶ 40-80 km/h. The amount of the fine for this violation depends on how many kilometers per hour the driver exceeded the speed limit. The penalty can range from 300 to 3,000 UAE dirhams and from 6 to 32 black dots on the record. Depending on the nature of the violation and the severity of its consequences, the vehicle may be impounded.

It is not allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants. The fine for such a violation is: 20,000 UAE dirhams, imprisonment, 23 black points and confiscation of the vehicle.

How safe is it to travel in a rental car in Dubai

The cheapness of car rental has made it accessible to every tourist and local resident. The number of vehicles on the roads has skyrocketed. But the availability of a large number of car rental outlets in Dubai has not eliminated the problem of navigating the city for travelers and tourists. The risk of accidents on the roads is still very high due to the density and intensity of traffic. Clearly observing the rules of the road and driving a car, rented or own, ̶ is key to the safety of the driver and pedestrians.