Dubai authorities will help residents with overstayed visa documents

Dubai will meet the needs of those who find themselves in a difficult situation due to overstayed visa. According to official sources, Dubai will help those who have problems with visa documents. In the period up to February 27, such residents will be given an opportunity to re-issue visas and extend the permission to stay in the country.

The UAE Visitor and International Liaison Service is holding a three-day event that focuses specifically on the problems of locals and visitors. All people who, due to specific situations, have encountered problems with registration and extension of documents for stay in the country are invited here. Obviously, such persons cannot legally use most services, such as car rentals in Dubai.

In Deira (historic district), in the area of the Centerpoint Shopping Center, there will be a place where specialists will assist in solving visa problems. Foreigners will be welcome here from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The organizer of this event is GDRFA Dubai. The goal, which was set during such a campaign, is to encourage the local population and residents to comply with the internal rules of the country, namely the migration policy. As you know, people with expired documents are simply limited in most normal opportunities. Renting a car in Dubai, applying to government agencies, etc. is simply impossible.

Dubai has adopted new rules for accepting and registering foreigners - an individual resident is now entitled to apply for a three-month visa for family members, friends or relatives. The document will have a visitor's format, and the resident himself is the sponsor of the preparation of documents.

You can apply online, on the GDRFA Dubai website. In addition, options are available to organize the application through a mobile app or at the Amer Resident Service Center. The host is required to pay a refundable deposit of AED 1,000 (one visa).