Rent a car in Dubai for a comfortable holiday with your family

Travelling to Dubai will become the most memorable trip for every member of your family if you decide to provide the maximum comfort of moving around the country. All you need to do is to book an SUV rental with Absolute Rent a Car. Fast rental processing, provision of technically faultless cars of the latest generation, full consulting support - all this will provide you with a lot of emotions while you are sightseeing. After all you will be able to plan the route of your trips by yourself and save time for travelling between the destinations.

Which car should I choose for my family holiday

If the travel dates in Dubai are already planned, then it's time to choose a car.

To make the trip comfortable, it is worth paying attention to:

  • The capacity of the cabin and its equipment. It is important to consider that all family members were comfortable. After all, you will be on the road a solid part of the time.
  • The capacity of the trunk. During the trip you will need not only to place your luggage when moving from the airport to the hotel. You will need to provide the necessary provisions for the duration of the trip. You will be able to put all your belongings, groceries, water in the trunk so that you will not have any difficulties on the way.
  • Wheelbase. Take care in advance so that you have the ability to get to the roughest terrain. Choose an SUV that has a strong wheelbase, keeps it maneuverable off-road.
  • Interior equipment. Air conditioning, navigation system, airbags, child safety seat - this is not a whim, but a necessity on the roads of the UAE. Pay attention to the characteristics which are important for your family.
  • Manageability. Our catalog features cars with automatic transmission. It allows you to feel confident behind the wheel of a new car.

Absolute Rent a Car for trips around the UAE recommends paying attention to SUVs:

    • Mitsubishi Xpander 2022. Rental price is Dhs 229 per day. For personal use you will get a new generation SUV with a capacity of the cabin up to 7 people. Enjoy the comfort of a ride in a car with a soft interior. (booking to link)
    • Nissan Xterra 2,5 L (2022). For AED 379 per day, you will own a seven-seater SUV that will provide the ability to travel around the country in comfort and confidence. Stable wheelbase, equipped cabin, high drivability - all this is a guarantee of a safe trip.(booking to link)
    • Toyota Rush 2022. The rental car will cost you AED 247. In spite of the budget rentals, you will get a prestigious seven-seater SUV with a large trunk and equipped interior. Ideal for a family trip around Dubai. (booking to link)
    • Chevrolet Captiva 2022. The car can be booked for AED 259. SUV with automatic transmission can accommodate up to 7 people. Such a car is designed not only for travel, but also for recreation. (booking to link)
    • Jeep Wrangler JL SAHARA. SUV is designed to travel 5 people. It has an impressive appearance and prestigious interior design. Lease will cost 599 dirhams a day. And you can get a lot of emotions, not just traveling, and taking bright selfies and family photos. (booking to link)
    • Honda Pilot. SUV with a capacity of passenger compartment up to 8 people is a whole minibus for a large family. It will be yours for 332 dirhams a day. Travelling in such a car is as comfortable as possible. So you can travel long distances. (booking to link)

In our catalog you will find other prestigious models of cars which are suitable for an active rest around Dubai. You can rent a car in Dubai you like on the site. Or call us to clarify the details.

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