What's better: buying or renting a car

What is more profitable - to buy or rent a car?

Buying a car is not a cheap venture. In addition, it is worth assessing the risks of the deal, to find a suitable offer. You should also consider the cost of fuel, insurance and maintenance.

A beginner is afraid of crashing a new car, so he often looks at the side of carsharing.

Renting also allows you to avoid credits, loans and other risks. Sometimes, however, cars for rent are provided to drivers with less than zero driving experience.

Particulars of purchase

To purchase a car, you must have a large sum of money in the first place. If you do not have it, then you have to take a loan, and this imposes a number of obligations.

In addition, it is necessary to arrange insurance, gas up the car, buy consumables and at least once a year to send it for maintenance. For the city, it is important to find a parking, guarded place, and preferably a covered garage.

When renting is good

If you can't afford to pay all of the above costs, are afraid of the risks, are not sure that the car will be needed often, then renting will be the best solution.

Nowadays, carsharing comes out pennies and in some cases is cheaper than a cab. There is no need to maintain the rented vehicle and no need to fill it up.

When renting, you can choose different cars and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

What to choose

If you are confident in your abilities, ready for big expenses, and you know that you will travel often, buy a car. Especially if you have already decided on the brand and model.

Renting is suitable when you have little money, do not want to service the car, and trips will be rare. Renting a car will help you to determine the choice of vehicle for further use.

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