Stay in good shape by driving a rental car

Traveling on the roads of Dubai, it is easy to find yourself in a traffic jam. You will have to wait as long as it takes to eliminate the consequences of a difficult traffic situation. Restricted mobility at this time can negatively affect the joints, spine and muscles. Surprisingly enough, a monthly rental car can help you cope with this problem.

There are effective ways to restore the muscles and joints in motion. Yoga is a type of gymnastics that can be practiced even when you are driving. Based on it, there are ways to exercise that will help you stay in good shape for a long wait. We recommend some exercises that you can do while driving a rental car in Dubai.

Breathing techniques

It is well known that breathing is an important part of Yoga. Sitting down, you can regulate your breathing rate. It is important not to be distracted. The attention should be focused on the breathing exercises. This calms and stimulates brain activity.

It is easy to get excited if you are in a traffic jam. Place your hand on your stomach, take a deep breath, and then take a slow exhale. Continue for five to ten minutes. Deep measured breathing improves blood circulation and relieves fatigue.

Exercises for the spine

Staying for a long time in one position, first of all, negatively affects the spine. And the problem is that sitting in the office continues in the car in the same position. But sitting in the car, you will find time to exercise. Align your back and put your feet flat on the floor with all of your feet.

Hold your hands firmly on the seat and turn your torso alternately in different directions. Do several series of 8-10 times, breaking for short pauses. This exercise from Yoga will help relieve tension from the spine.

Exercises for Joints

Due to prolonged sitting, blood circulation is disturbed, joints swell and muscle cramps occur. Try to relax your ankles. Rotate them in different directions to restore mobility. Your shoulders also need rest. Grasp the handlebars firmly with your hands while moving your shoulders in different directions.

Lower your chin and rotate your shoulders back and forth alternately. A temporary break will relieve fatigue and nervous tension. If you have the means to rent a car in Dubai, you'll have no trouble staying in good shape. With different ways to exercise and restore your body, you will be able to cope with the stress of a long wait.