Rent online or in-store - which is preferred

In the UAE, and in the state capital in particular, there are more and more companies offering car rental service. It is very convenient for tourists and allows them to comfortably travel around country, enjoying its beauty. And the cost of rental online and the same service in store will be significantly different. If you are planning your budget and looking for the most favorable conditions for yourself, it makes sense to first look through the proposals on the Internet.

Looking for a car from your smartphone, sitting at home or in the office is much faster and easier than tedious visits to companies offering rental services. However, you can find advantages and disadvantages in everything. For example, some people say, that by visiting the store in person, it is possible to check the condition of the car before renting it, so they prefer this option. But still online renting is the best choice in terms of the combination of price and quality. Consider its other advantages.

Plenty of offers

There is already serious competition in the car rental market, so each company tries to stand out as much as possible among competitors and offer the best. It is much easier to look through all variety of variants from the screen of your PC or other gadget, than visiting a huge number of stores.

Simplicity and convenience

If you value your time and comfort you should definitely use the service Booking a car online. You won't need to get to the store in person and lose time on the way.

Our clients

Minimum of documents

In the case of online booking, a minimum package of documents is required from the client, which he can provide in electronic form.

Advantageous offers

When renting a car online, the client is offered various discounts and bonuses. All this is done in order to attract him to the service, and often such discounts are not available when booking in the office of the company.

Opportunity to rent the car of your dreams

When you book online, it's much easier to find exactly the car you've been dreaming of, than when you visit stores in person, which offer a limited number of options. So, online car rental in Dubai is a great way to take advantage of The best cars on favorable terms, spending a minimum of time and money on the process of registration funds.


Indicate your wishes and trip data and we will pick you a car for your conditions!