What you need to know about renting a car with cruise control

Driving on the long routes of Dubai and the surrounding areas can take many hours and be a tiring and challenging task for a person. Due to a high degree of fatigue, loss of control of the vehicle often occurs, eventually leading to accidents. Cruise control helps on long trips as it takes over a number of driving functions, giving the driver the ability to not get as tired on the road.

Car rentals in Dubai have cruise control in all types of cars from SUVs to sedans. Next, let's take a look at what you need to know when renting a car with cruise control.

Speed Setting

Choose the optimum speed before you start driving, as the cruise control system will control the throttle while you're driving. The speed should not be too fast to reduce the car's braking or deceleration time. But also do not choose a slow speed, because then the cruise control system is not required. Pay attention to the limits that are in different parts of your traffic and set the speed depending on the requirements of the law.

Technical condition of the vehicle

Speed and its control system are affected by many factors, so when you rent a car you need to make sure it is in full working order - this will avoid a breakdown in the middle of the road. Check the brake system, as it is responsible for disengaging the cruise control system (by depressing the brake pedal).

Attention and Focus Level

A large number of modern systems aimed at increasing driver comfort and reducing fatigue can have a negative impact on attention levels. Although cruise control allows you to keep the accelerator pedal down and maintain other features, the driver must maintain a high level of concentration behind the wheel. This is a mandatory requirement, as the vehicle is not fully controlled and cannot ensure the safety of the driver and passengers.

Cruise control malfunctions

Electronically controlled cruise control always has an appropriate fuse. In situations where there is a problem with the cruise control, the fuse will fail and cause the system to permanently fail. Very often, if the brake pedal switch is defective, it can cause the cruise control to malfunction and cause serious accidents. Make sure that the cruise control switch is working properly before driving to ensure safe driving and minimal fatigue.

Testing the system

If you have never used the cruise control system, it is recommended that you take a preliminary test drive for your first trip. This service is provided by car rental companies in Dubai. With a test drive, you will understand how to change the set speed and how the whole system works, which will make the trip easier.

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