How to protect yourself from fraud when renting a car in Dubai

Every year the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is gaining Each year the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is gaining popularity for tourist recreation, against this background, develops and grows the sphere of car rental in Dubai is developing. In this area due to the wave of popularity and development there is a large number of unscrupulous companies and intermediaries who can violate the rules of the lease and cheat.

If you do not have significant experience in renting cars, you may face a number of problems and increased costs, which can cause a disrupted vacation and the rapid disappearance of money from the purse. To avoid getting into such a situation, you need to analyze the companies. The presence of too attractive terms and conditions should embarrass you. Also you should start looking for companies that have a positive reputation. Additionally check the rental agreement, because it may contain hidden costs.

Too tempting terms of service

Finding the best deal is understandable, since no one wants to spend more than planned amount. However, there is a risk where using the most cheapest option, you might get scammed. If you do decide to search for the most cheapest agencies, it is worth paying attention to all the discrepancies. They may have to do with the timing of the return and the use of the deposit.

Selecting an agency with a high level of reliability

Don't be lazy to research the market. This will give you the opportunity to select the most unreliable suppliers. It is important to choose a company with the most positive reviews on the network. As a rule, tourists themselves on various forums leave real descriptions of organizations in Dubai. You can also use the site Yelp for research. You may be tempted to use reviews from Facebook pages, but there is a high probability that they will be false.

Pay close attention to the rates.

In some cases, when planning a vacation in Dubai, people may settle for the very first vehicle rental deal without thinking about the consequences. This is because without learning the nuances, it is difficult to understand what is a reasonable cost for renting or which options would be robbery. It is necessary to clarify the average cost of the service in order to be guided by it in the future. The size of the price tag will depend on the selected car. Thanks to this you can understand where the cost is overestimated, and where it is cheaper than the market.

The possibility of surcharges

If you use the services of an intermediary who provides transportation and supervise the group on trips, there may be instances where you may additional payment may be required. You need to be clear about what costs are appropriate and necessary, and which will be extortion of money. This category does not include Tips, as this issue is entirely in your competence. You should also before The agency should pay the full amount for the guide before the trip. This will provide an opportunity for a confident argument to the driver that all procedures have been paid and the funds have been transferred to the company. It will also save you from double payment and the expense of a dishonest employee.


Trust the choice of a trusted company!

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