Toyota Rush 2022 - roomy interior and confident wheelbase

Renting a Toyota Rush 2022 can be called the dream of any traveler. After all, the Japanese manufacturer has taken care that the new model became attractive not only externally, but also found the power which is necessary for travel in any conditions. Hire New SUV can give you those unforgettable emotions when you have opportunity to go everywhere with maximum comfort.

Toyota Rush 2022 removes the limitations

From a crossover, the new model from Toyota transforms into a prestigious parkette, which It's hard not to notice on the road. After all, the body of the car has become wider, longer and higher. This is logical. In fact, in addition to the external geometry, the Toyota Rush 2022 has:

  • High wheelbase. It is this characteristic that is important for off-road vehicles.
  • After all, you can travel not only on quality roads. The new model successfully copes with test-drive on off-road. So it is possible to drive even on remote corners without worrying about the passability of your vehicle.
  • Confident automatics. The manufacturer offers several control versions in models that will enter the world car markets. It can be an understandable for many people and convenient in every respect automatics. The Absolute Rent a Car is equipped with an automatic transmission. It will allow every tourist who decides to rent a car can quickly get a handle on the steering.
  • Comfortable, well-appointed interior. Soft seats, climate control system, navigation. The manufacturer has equipped Toyota Rush 2022 with everything you need for travel with an exceptionally positive attitude.

The release of Toyota Rush 2022 on the world car market is announced in January 2022. But Absolute Rent a Car customers can book rentals for selected dates today. This is a unique opportunity to be among the first to sit behind the wheel of the new model. A passport and a driver's license are required for rentals. Rental costs 260 AED per day (booking by link). In this case, the use you get a premium car with a full tank. You can immediately start driving on the planned route.

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