Nissan Xterra - when tradition shows stability

The Nissan Xterra on a pickup truck platform has been in production since 2018. That said, each new generation gets only light updates to the interior and exterior of the auto. Some car enthusiasts may find this boring, but connoisseurs of expensive and reliable cars see this as the stability that sets the brand apart.

Nissan Xterra rent in Dubai

The latest X-Terra available for rent at Absolute Rent a Car has:

  • Updated grille.
  • Original headlights with LEDs.
  • Oversized bumper.
  • Chrome edges and horizontal slats on the grille.
  • Enlarged media system screen in the cabin.
  • Distracting display for rear row passengers.
  • Folding seats of the second and third row.

Otherwise, like its predecessors, the model has a well-appointed interior, a confident wheelbase, an automatic transmission understandable to drivers. It symbolizes the stability, reliability and confidence on the road.

You can rent Nissan Xterra in Dubai by Absolute Rent a Car on favorable terms. Rent will be 379 UAE dirhams per day. You will need a minimum of time and documents to arrange the rental. You only need to show your passport, driver's license, and pay the rental amount. At the same time you will have the opportunity to test-drive a new SUV, making a trip on the roads of the UAE on a comfortable car.

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