How to avoid traffic jams in Dubai?

Infrastructure, technology, business and tourism industry in Dubai is rapidly developing. Today the city is one of the most progressive in the world, more and more tourists come here every year. But if we talk about traffic, here, as well as in other megalopolises, there are often traffic jams, which complicates the process of movement significantly. And this despite the fact that the road network is well constructed. Simple recommendations will help to avoid traffic jams while driving on the roads of Dubai.


Avoid driving during rush hours

The business hours of local offices and school are the main factor that determines the direction of the main traffic flow at certain times. The southern part of the city has a concentration of offices starting at 8-9 a.m. It is better to plan a trip to the south of Dubai at a different time. To the north of the metropolis, it is better not to go at 5 or 6 pm, because most office workers return from work at this time. A significant number of school buses run at the same time, which also complicates traffic.


Track the progress of roadwork.

You can use Google maps to do this, which will allow you to plan your trip. On the internet and on maps, you can see where road construction work is currently taking place, which causes traffic congestion on adjacent roads. This will allow you to plan your route to get to your destination easier and faster. You can also use the official RTA portal to get up-to-date information about traffic. Find out which areas of the city are busiest


Traffic is very heavy in certain areas of Dubai

This is due to the increasing population, the presence of tourist attractions, a large number of restaurants, narrow roads, etc. For example, in the area where the main attractions of the metropolis Jumeriah Lake Towers, Discovery Gardens and Jumeriah Beach Residence are located, traffic jams are very high during peak hours. Traffic is also high in the central residential areas in the north of Dubai like Karama, Deira and International City.


Plan your travel properly

The optimal time to travel is Friday weekend morning because after Thursday night parties, many people stay home to rest. There is little traffic on the roads beginning in the afternoon. Also keep in mind that the roads near large shopping centers and parks are crowded with vehicles on weekends because people come at this time to walk or shop. Therefore, it is better to plan a visit to the malls on weekdays and a walk in the park on Friday morning.


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