How do I use my Salik 2022 account and avoid penalties

When planning to rent a car in Dubai, you need to know what road taxes and tolls exist. There are road taxes for each place, which must be complied with. This is especially true for cabs and other commercial vehicles.

In Dubai, there is a road tax Salik. In this regard, you need to know all about the account, as well as ways to avoid penalties.

What is Salik

A special automatic system that collects tolls provides access throughout Dubai to points where vehicles are charged. The UAE government's plan was to create a single system that would collect the tolls without drivers having to stop and pay the tax. The system was introduced in 2007.

Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) was created to scan Salik tags. This system checks the vehicle and makes a deduction from Salik bills that are prepaid, according to the agreed rate.

Features of opening an account at Salik

If you plan to rent out vehicles, a Salik account is required. This procedure does not take much time. You fill out a simple application on the official portal of Salik. You also need to visit the Islamic Bank of Dubai or another bank. Opening a Salik account is available at some petrol stations.

To open an account, you need to provide a registration card, license and ID card. Then the payment of 100 UAE dirhams for the text and the balance of the account is made.

When the Salik online account is accessed, a special sticker is affixed to the vehicle. Online provides balance management.

How not to get a fine

Every owner of a vehicle is afraid of a fine, especially in Dubai. To avoid penalties, you need to know simple ways to protect your account. To do this, you need to:

  • Ensure that you have a sufficient balance on your account.
  • Put a Salik label on your vehicle.
  • Provide a Salik tag for all vehicles in the same traffic file.

The Salik tax does not apply to military vehicles, ambulances, buses that transport school children and students. There are no limits on the number of times you can be charged per trip. Thanks to Salik, the movement of people is greatly facilitated, there is no need to make a stop at each point where the fee is charged, thus improving the technical side of the process.


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