Five ideas for tourist trips to the Arab Emirates

The UAE or United Arab Emirates provides an opportunity to view a large number of places of interest. Such sightseeing trips are not only loved by tourists, but also by ordinary city dwellers. They include a view not only the famous cityscapes with a unique architectural development of Dubai, but a large number of places in the mountain range Hajar. These trips include a road trip that a large number of people will enjoy. Some of it can be safely accomplished in one day. This also includes routes that will require a significant amount of time from the customer.

In addition, travel companies offer options for those who like rest with taste and style, for those who want to get a sense of partying, or for fans of thrills and emotions. Below are selected options that can suit people with different budgets, provided you have your own or rent a car in the UAE.

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Snoopy Island

This island is a short distance from Fujairah. It is surrounded by magnificent mountains and has a beautiful coastline. This trip is ideal suitable for a day trip with a departure from Dubai or Abu Dhabi.For a great experience, you can bring your own snorkeling equipment or rent one with an instructor. The waters near Snoopy Island are clean and full of undersea creatures. You can also enjoy a regular swim in the warm water of the ocean.

Ras Al Khaimah

If you're an adventurer, then the popular and iconic resort Ras Al Khaimah is a choice that won't be a loser.This vacation spot is ideal for those who want to get a lot of adrenaline while participating in the entertainment offered. Particularly popular is the world's longest zipliner. It is suitable for the most daring and adventurous travelers. You can also take a walk through the ghost town, which, according to the locals, is inhabited by a large number of ghosts.

The Hajar Mountains

The hustle and bustle of Dubai can bore anyone, even the most avid fan of metropolis.For a sense of solitude and tranquility we suggest a walk through the Hajar Mountains. This ridge runs through the entire Arab Emirates. Incredibly powerful and beautiful mountains will leave a lot of positive impressions.

Jebel Al-Jais

This place will be a godsend for those who appreciate walking or camping. It is also a great escape from the sweltering heat. Jebel al-Jais is located at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level. This location ensures that it is partially frozen in the winter, unlike the vast majority of country. If you are an active explorer and want to explore all the locations, it is best to bring warmer clothes.


Vacation in the desert

No trip to the Arab Emirates is complete without a road Travel through the sands of the desert. Tourists are offered the opportunity to choose a large number of routes. For those who like a thrill, fit Rental car with high cross-country ability or a buggy. This type of recreation will to please those who like fast rides and crossing sand dunes. There are also Several resorts where people can relax and relieve fatigue from the heat and long walking. Some of the most popular desert resorts include Al Maha and Bab Al Shams.


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