The UAE has opened the issuance of new visas for 6 months

The UAE Federal Office for Identity and Citizenship has introduced a new type of visa. With them, you can enter the country several times within 6 months. After the validity period expires, new visas can be renewed.

A new "golden" visa will cost 1,150 dirhams. First of all, businessmen, scientists and inventors, persons with a doctorate degree, creative workers, athletes, researchers and programmers, students and schoolchildren who have shown excellent results will be able to issue them.

Half-year visas are designed for citizens applying for UAE resident visas for a period of 5 or 10 years. During the six months that the visa is valid, they must have time to comply with all the formalities and get a long-term visa.

Receipt can be made by leaving a request on the website. If clarifications are needed, they can be made within a month and the request can be sent again. However, a request for revision can be returned only three times. After the third unsuccessful attempt, the documents are resubmitted.

The idea of ​​introducing a system of "golden" visas was put forward by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai. During the work of the program, more than 700 visas have been issued. Documents are accepted on the website. All interested persons and government agencies can follow the progress of the application. The validity of visas is 5 and 10 years.

Privileged visas were issued to athletes and scientists, as well as their families, and other foreigners with special talents or merit in their field.

The maintenance of "golden" visas was the impetus for the growth of the real estate market. Those who have bought real estate in the UAE for an amount of AED 5 million (US $ 1.36 million) can apply for them.

Art workers, researchers and historians, designers can obtain "golden" visas. UAE residents with published works or experience of participation in exhibitions can apply. They must invest in the UAE or volunteer 36 hours a year.

Beginning in December 2020, the Dubai authorities are significantly expanding the long-term golden visa system. In this way, they stimulate the attraction of highly qualified foreigners and encourage them to stay in the country. The state is interested in obtaining such visas for data specialists, programmers, electronics and computer technology specialists, doctors, and students with a high GPA.