Hyundai Staria 2022

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5865 AED
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Class: Business Car
Body: Rent Buses
  • 2022
  • 9 people
  • Front
  • 3,5 l  / 240 h.p.  / 6 cylinders
  • Automatic
  • Petrol / 12 litres (100Km)
  • USB
  • Parktronic

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Rent Hyundai Staria 2022 in Dubai

If you want to rent a car of the future in the UAE, you can choose the Hyundai Staria 2022 in the Absolut Rent-a-Car fleet. The manufacturer has really met the expectations of many connoisseurs of the car market, introducing not just an updated body or interior, but also maximally improved the philosophy of comfortable and safe driving.

5 main innovations of Hyundai Staria 2022

Already at the first look at the updated foreign car, it becomes clear that before you is not an ordinary model. It combines:

  • Dream of flight into space. The body with a line of lights, designed to illuminate the horizon, is made in the style of a spaceship. Such a decision in the spirit of the time. The car is sure to attract attention on the road.
  • A wish to combine work and rest. The cabin is designed for 9 passengers, so it accommodates all members of your family or business partners. If necessary the seats are unfolded, which allows you to arrange a long journey with overnight stay or comfortable rest in the countryside.
  • The desire to keep everything under control. The car is not only equipped with an automatic gearbox, but also has additional functions for the driver to control what happens in the cabin. You can hold a business meeting right on the road or monitor the children's behavior in the cabin.
  • The need for maximum safety. The car is equipped with "smart safety", which is able to prevent accidents. And, of course, the manufacturer has taken care of a multi-stage safety system for the driver and passengers with the use of special airbags.
  • Space as a bonus. The Hyundai Staria 2022's body is oversized, making it thorough and solid on the road. At the same time the increased dimensions are not only prestige, but also comfort. In fact, the manufacturer has increased the area of the cabin, having lowered the sill line and the floor. And in addition - a roomy trunk.

Do you want to evaluate the comfort and maneuverability of Hyundai Staria 2022?