Trip to Dubai: A Tourist's Memo

When planning a trip to Dubai, it is important to familiarize yourself with the basic rules of conduct in UAE. This will allow you to avoid fines, will give the opportunity to rest in a positive way.

5 important rules of transport

  • No eating or drinking in cabs, buses or subways. Violators will be fined 100 Dirhams.
  • You can be arrested for speeding and stopping in unauthorized places.
  • Violating traffic rules or driving under the influence of alcohol - you could be deported. you may be deported.
  • The pink subway cars are for women and children. Men are not allowed Men are not allowed in these cars.
  • You cannot sit on your companion's lap on public transport. This is considered a serious offense.

Dress appropriately

Muslim countries have clear dress code regulations. And though to foreigners are rather liberal in this matter, but still it is necessary to respect the laws and moral norms of the country. Therefore, pay attention, that:

  • Girls with uncovered head, as well as in revealing outfits may not be allowed into some stores and attractions.
  • You can only wear a swimsuit by the pool or on the beach. If you plan to go to a beach café or store near the shoreline, you should dress appropriately.
  • It is forbidden to sunbathe topless in Dubai. Violation can result in arrest.

Keep your emotions in check in public places

If we talk about behavior in public places, it is important for tourists to understand that in Dubai has many prohibitions. Among them are bans on:

  • Showing feelings for your partner;
  • same-sex relationships;
  • Smoking in inappropriate places;
  • Laughter and discussion of others;
  • emphasis on people praying in the street;
  • taking pictures of women, mosques, and other religious shrines;
  • talking loudly on the phone;
  • swearing and showing disrespect to others with gestures;
  • Dancing in the street.

Don't eat while walking

To avoid fines and arrests, tourists in Dubai should keep in mind that there are special places for of eating in a designated area. In UAE it is forbidden to eat in public transport. Snacking on the street is also prohibited during Ramadan. The same ban is forbidden during Ramadan. You can also be arrested for being on the street intoxicated. Therefore, if you can not refuse alcoholic beverages, then most of the trip will be spent on hotel property.

Important rules of a polite guest

The UAE is a country of traditions and established norms. Therefore, here:

  • It is not customary to shout or even raise your voice.
  • It is forbidden to stare at others.
  • It is forbidden to talk to local women.
  • Flirting is forbidden.
  • It is forbidden to take your shoes off in an Arab's house.
  • Foreigners do not give an Arab their hand first during the greeting.
  • They don't refuse a treat.
  • Do not point their feet in the direction of the master of the house.
  • Only move food and drink with the right hand.

Border crossing rules and restrictions

Tourists often wonder what they can bring in and take out of the UAE. It's worth noting here:

  • The import and export of medicines is permitted for a period of 3 months. In order to bring in psychotropic substances will require a prescription.
  • Foodstuffs can be brought in only in factory packaging with labeling. There are restrictions on the quantity of certain types of foodstuffs.
  • You can bring in up to 4 liters of alcohol and 400 cigarettes. Vape or electronic cigarettes are prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to bring paintings, jewelry without proof of purchase. receipts.
  • Do not bring or buy ivory products for export.
  • You must declare the import and export of photographs, books, CDs, money from Dh100,000 or more. You need to declare the gifts worth more than 3 thousand dirhams. Dirhams.

More rules of stay in Dubai you can learn from your tour operator. Recommendations for behavior in the UAE can also be clarified at the car rental Dubai, from Hotel management and tour guides. Remember that by following the rules you will not only be able to The hotel management and sightseeing guides will advise you on how to behave in the UAE. impressive Dubai. Take time to study the rules of visiting Dubai before you travel. It will help to avoid unpleasant situations. And then the vacation will be truly enjoyable and unforgettable.