Arabic cuisine or how to eat deliciously in Dubai

In Dubai, you can enjoy a variety of cuisines from different countries and regions of the world. Here are some of the top dishes to try in Dubai:

Top Arabian Cuisine in Dubai

  • International Cuisine: Dubai has restaurants with cuisines from all over the world, from Italian and French to Asian and Arabian. You can enjoy authentic dishes from different cultures.
  • Hummus: This is a classic Arabic dish consisting of mashed chickpeas, tahina (sesame seed paste), lemon juice and garlic. Hummus is served with pita bread or Arab tortillas and olive oil.
  • Shawarma: Shawarma is the Arab version of "gyros," made from marinated meat, usually chicken or lamb, that is roasted on a spit and served in pita bread with vegetables and sauces.
  • Mandi: This is a traditional Arab dish consisting of meat cooked in spices and rice, usually goat or lamb. Mandi is usually served with vegetables and sauces.
  • Meshwi: Meshwi is an Arab dish consisting of lamb or lamb cooked over an open fire. The meat is marinated in spices and seasonings and then cooked on a spit or grill. Meshwi is usually served with rice and vegetables.
  • Falafel: Falafel are fried balls of mashed chickpeas, lentils, and spices. They are usually served in pita bread with vegetables and sauces and are a popular vegetarian dish.
  • Machbus: This is a traditional dish from Emirati cuisine that consists of specially cooked rice with seasonings and meat, usually chicken or lamb. Machbus is usually garnished with nuts and dried fruits.

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