UAE revised and relaxed quarantine restrictions

The United Arab Emirates is interesting for tourists from different parts of the world. It became known that the country's authorities decided to ease quarantine restrictions from August 5. The epidemiological situation in the country began to improve, in connection with which many enterprises were allowed to work with a workload of 100%.

The occupancy rate of public places has increased to 80%. Places for celebrations are allowed to fill the halls by 60%. Wedding halls can be filled up to 60% (total number of no more than 300 visitors).

Up to ten people can be present in cafes and restaurants at the same time. When moving around a public institution, it is mandatory to wear a mask. The observance of the distance was also not canceled.

Attendance at certain events is only possible for the vaccinated. This applies to exhibitions attended by more than 100 people. Persons with chronic pathologies will be admitted to public events only after re-vaccination.

The admissible occupancy rate of transport is no more than 75%. Visiting shopping malls, cinemas, and other entertainment venues is allowed subject to wearing a mask.

In the UAE, since August 5, tourists from India, Sri Lanka, Uganda, as well as citizens of Nigeria, Pakistan, and Nepal have been allowed to enter. Return to the country can be students, employees of federal government structures and similar areas, medical workers, educators (teachers of universities, schools, lyceums, gymnasiums).

To be admitted to the flight, you must provide a certificate with a negative answer to the coronavirus (valid for 48 hours). You need to take the test both before boarding and upon arrival in the UAE. Entry is allowed for persons who have been vaccinated at least two weeks before travel.

The best traditions of the West and the East are embodied in the United Arab Emirates. The sunny country is ready to receive tourists all year round. Today in Dubai +40 degrees. The sea water temperature is +34 degrees.

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