Sputnik V vaccination to begin in Dubai

Primary vaccination with the Russian drug "Sputnik V" will take place in Dubai from March 19 to March 21. It was initiated by the Catholic Church of St. Mary, and the procedures themselves will take place on the territory of the parish.

There are a number of requirements for vaccine recipients:

  • UAE resident status;
  • no COVID-19 infections in the last month;
  • lack of previous vaccination against coronavirus with any drug;
  • no contraindications (pregnancy, minority, chronic diseases).

Before the announcement of the vaccination, the drug passed the third stage of clinical trials in the UAE - a thousand volunteers received a second dose and underwent the necessary diagnostic procedures. The monitoring showed that the efficiency of Sputnik V is at the level of 91.6%. Also, the authoritative medical journal Lancet previously reported on the successful passing of tests of the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine.

Newly vaccinated individuals will participate in the collection of data on the immune response to drug administration. In the future, the information will be combined with similar data from other countries, and preliminary results of the study will be announced during April.

In total, in 2021, it is planned to vaccinate with "Sputnik V" more than 700 million people around the world, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia. According to the RDIF, under certain conditions, this number could increase to a billion people.