How to rent supercar in Dubai

Absolute Rent a Car is ready to ensure your comfortable stay in Dubai. All you need is a Russian passport and a driver's license. And the desire to rent a powerful supercar will become a reality. We will take care of all the risks. You just enjoy your stay at one of the most popular resorts.

What you should pay attention to when choosing a car. How to behave in an emergency situation on the road in the UAE. This is told by our experts, who daily have to to solve the issues of clients seeking to make their holidays luxurious and safe.

Absolute Rent Car has been providing car rentals in Dubai to Russian tourists since 2014. tourists. Our fleet has about 200 cars of economy and premium class. You you can rent SUVs, sport cars, sedans, convertibles and buses, Focusing on comfort, maneuverability, capacity of cars, you allocated budget.

Prestige, comfort, mobility - which cars are the most popular?

We focus on customers with different budgets and purposes of stay in the UAE, That is why it is possible to rent cars from us:

  • Economy cars. Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi - these sedans and SUVs are suitable for tourists who plan to visit the local sights on their own without extra costs. High cross-country mobility allows get to the most remote corners. These brands of cars are also chosen by businessmen who want to expand their capabilities, taking care of their mobility.
  • Comfort. KIA, Ford, Nissan SUVs are in demand by those who vacationing in the UAE as a family. Cars provide optimal conditions during long journeys. Popular among those who choose сomfortability and safety.
  • Premium car. Dodge Challenger, Jeep Wrangler, Lamborghini, Infinity are status. These car brands are very popular because They provide special comfort and maneuverability on the road. In such car you will feel like a VIP of the most expensive resort.

How to rent a car in the UAE?

Choosing to rent a car in our company, you need:

  • Determine the model of the car. Here it is important to consider as planned budget for a total number of days as well as compliance of the car to your plans for the trip.
  • Provide us with a passport and driver's license. Data of these documents are entered in contract. You do not need to leave them as a pledge.
  • Pay for the rental car in cash or by card. Make a deposit. The amount of of the deposit is returned to the client's account 30 days after returning the car. From This amount is deducted from any fines issued by the police for the time you have been driving.

Please note that car rental is in UAE currency and is calculated per each day of rental. At the same time for the specified cost you not only get a car for personal use, but also receive:

  • Accident insurance in case of an accident. If the damage to the vehicle vehicle was the fault of the driver, in addition will be charged costs in the amount of 1500 dirhams. If there is no fault of the customer in the accident, then all expenses for the car restoration we will take upon ourselves.
  • Assistance in Emergency Situations. If you get stuck in the sand, engine failure, occurred other non-standard situation, our team promptly will help to solve the problem.
  • Informing the client in case of speeding on certain parts of the road. GPS navigator registers the speed, and we get in touch with the client in case of exceeding the limit.
  • Advising you 24 hours a day about car maintenance, peculiarities of behavior on the road.

We provide fully serviceable cars for rent with a full tank. At the moment of car transfer to the client the car is photographed from all sides, what allows to avoid disputable situations in case of allows to avoid disputable situations in case you damage it during journeys. Photographs or video recordings can also be made of the client who rents car .


5 reasons to rent a car in the UAE

  • Provide a comfortable vacation.
  • Reduce the cost of paying for excursions.
  • Plan your own trips.
  • To indicate your status.
  • Sit behind the wheel of a dream car, enjoying the best roads in the world.

What clauses of the contract you should pay attention to

The contract prescribes not only the brand and model of the car, the rental period, but also additional conditions, which should be paid attention to:

  • Daily mileage. Usually it should not exceed 250 kilometers. If this limit you are not satisfied, you should discuss the conditions.
  • The right to drive by another person. The rental contract is drawn up for the owner driver's license holder. If you allow the possibility of driving the car to another person, this should be recorded in the appropriate clause.
  • Movement Boundaries. Coordinate this point with the itinerary of your journey.
  • Exact dates and costs. Clarify from what time a day counts and when they end according to the rules of the lease.
  • The amount of fuel in the tank at the time of return.
  • Insurance in case of an accident. The standard contract includes a clause whereby the customer covers expenses that are caused by his fault. Additional insurance allows you to avoid such payments.

What should be the actions in case of an accident or a police stop

We will take care of all matters relating to the car on the road. Therefore, if there is an emergency situation, there is no need to panic. Our staff will come promptly to solve the problem.

Car rental in UAE in Absolute Rent Car is a guarantee of comfort, reliability, safety. We are ready to make your vacation unforgettable. Discover Dubai by our car.


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