Dubai overtakes Paris and New York

In the latest ranking, Dubai surpassed cities such as Paris and New York, entering the list of the top ten most affordable global metropolises considering daily living expenses. According to a study conducted by Rustic Pathways, the average cost of staying in Dubai per day per person is 465 US dollars.

This amount includes expenses for hotel accommodation, food, transport, entertainment, alcohol, and tips, with Dubai taking the eighth position among the ten most popular cities in the world. Despite the fact that Dubai did not become the leader in affordability, it came out ahead compared to Paris and New York, where the average expenses for a short-term vacation amount to 557 and 687 dollars, respectively.

Dubai is among the ten most affordable cities in the world

How much does it cost to live in Dubai

The most economical city for tourists turned out to be Berlin, where the cost of living per day per person is only 266 dollars. The authors of the rating note that Dubai remains an attractive option for tourists who want a rich vacation with the opportunity to visit many attractions, many of which are available for free.

The main expense in Dubai is hotel accommodation, the average cost of which reaches 340 dollars per night for a double room. However, the city offers relatively inexpensive public transport, the cost of which averages 13 dollars per day.

The study also shows that currently European capitals, including Berlin, Madrid, and Barcelona, offer favorable conditions for budget travelers looking to cut expenses.

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