A new way of extending visitor visas to the UAE for Russian citizens

In the UAE there is again a way to extend the guest visa, which requires crossing the border. In this regard, travel agencies have launched an "airport to airport" package for tourists. They offer to fly from Dubai to any nearby country, then pass the immigration office, then fly back to the Emirates on the next flight. The cost of such a "trip" will be about 1300 - 1600 dhigrams (25-30 thousand rubles).

Such a trip will take an average of 4 hours to 1 day. So you can visit a neighboring country in one day and come back.

Visa rules for entering the UAE in 2023

Travel agencies point out that this kind of extension is in popular demand because Dubai has begun to prohibit renewal of visas without going abroad again. Previously, this measure was introduced out of self-isolation and due to the measures taken against COVID.

The rule to extend the visa in the territory of the United Arab Emirates is no longer in force since December 2022. At that time, some tourists still managed to take advantage of the moment. Now you can not extend the visitor's visa without leaving the country.

Also those who have found a permanent job or residence permit in the Emirates must necessarily cross the border. For this citizens should obtain a residence visa, after which you can go back to the UAE.

The return to the old rules of visa renewal has helped to increase the number of flights to destinations such as Bahrain, Kuwait and other tourist destinations. To get rid of a long bus trip or a hard flight, consider renting a car through the company Absolute Rent Car abrc.ae. We have a huge fleet, loyal prices, and you can pay by the minute. Our rent-a-car service is fast, and you will get your car in working order in a few minutes.