Car rental and public transportation - a quick comparison

The first thing everyone thinks about when leaving home is how easy it is to get to your destination. What is better: public transport or a car? The driver will analyze the situation on the road, assess the situation and choose the most optimal way.

The pedestrian without the car to choose is not necessary. Here the choice will be in favor of public transport.

What if you have the right, but no car? And you really want to get to the point in warmth and comfort? Will renting a car be a rational choice? Let's look into it.

When renting is a good choice

One of the reasons to choose a rental car is flexibility. You can rent a car or call a cab at any time of day or night. The question remains about price and control. A cab for a long trip can be much more expensive. Moreover, it is not you who drives it, but a hired driver.

A rental car will add comfort if you have to move or travel with your family. It is difficult to carry a lot of luggage by bus or train.

When public transportation is better

If it is important to travel a short distance quickly, public transportation is often helpful. Plus, the fare is cheap compared to renting.

Public transportation is environmentally friendly because most of them are powered by electricity and do not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. You don't have to control the traffic either. You can relax and be distracted by the views out the window or read a book. If there is a subway in the city, you can get from one end to the other in minutes.

What's better

A car is good for traveling long distances. You can take a lot of luggage with you and leave at any convenient time.

Public transportation allows cheap travel over short distances. In some cases, deliver passengers faster than a car.

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