A traditional cultural festival takes place in Dubai

Emirates media have announced the opening of a Dubai festival called Al Shindagha Days, which is held annually. It will become part of the international trade forum and will last 10 days.

The opening ceremony took place on January 9th. Everyone who wants to participate the festival - it works daily from 17:00 to 23:00. The aim of this festival is to popularize the cultural and historical heritage of the country.

Guests of the festival will be invited to get acquainted with the Al-Shindagh Museum, the Museum of Archeology of Saruk Al-Hadit and the famous Perfume House. Participants of the event will be able to visit the beach area in the historical part of Dubai.

These days there will be a huge variety of events. Visitors will be able to participate in the exhibition, which will be held in one of the bays of Dubai, as well as taste the famous Arabic coffee.

From the Appeal to the guests: "Guests of this festival will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the everyday life of Dubai and feel its role in the formation of the Emirates. Oriental culture will appear in a completely new way to the guests of the holiday."

The festival can be visited from January 9 to 18, events are held every evening in the old part of the city.