In the UAE there will be new fines for workers

Since January 1, 2023 in the UAE will appear the new type of fines for employees of private and state companies. So, if the worker won't have the unemployment insurance the penalty will be 400 dirhams (or 7500 rubles). For those who are overdue for 3 to 6 months will pay a penalty of 200 dirhams.

Under the penalties will be all who refused to extend the insurance.

In turn, employers are relieved of the obligation to pay premiums for their employees. However, they must remind monthly payments and mandatory registration.

Under this unemployment insurance, Arab Emirates citizens and residents who lose their job will be guaranteed unemployment benefits for 3 months from the date of dismissal.

The subscription can be done through the website of the Ministry of Human Resources, special software iloe, as well as through ATMs or kiosks of Al Ansari Exchange network.

Those who are temporarily unemployed will be guaranteed a benefit of up to 60% of their salary, but no more than 20,000 dhigrams per month.

His program applies to all adults except domestic workers, retirees, part-time workers and investors. You must have uninterrupted insurance coverage for one year to qualify. Exceptions are if you are fired for misconduct.

Compensation is also excluded if the reason for dismissal was the result of an unforeseen emergency, force majeure, or any other cause beyond the state's control. If you try to fraudulently obtain benefits, get a financial penalty.

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