Emirates is expanding its use of IATA Travel Pass. Flights between Moscow and Dubai

Emirate is an aviation company that was one of the first to use the IATA Travel Pass app. It happened back in April. Today it has expanded its implementation on 10 world flights, including to Moscow. The application is planned to be deployed along the entire route of the airlines. The company is also a partner of Alhosn, a system operating in the UAE. The main purpose is to maintain medical records, establish control over patients with COVID-19, which allows ensuring safe flights for all passengers.

As the COO of the company, Adel Al-Reda, stressed, Emirates has recently been rapidly introducing contactless technology programs, biometrics, and electronic document screening in order to make customers' travels comfortable and ensure their peace of mind. According to the manager, projects such as the Biometric Corridor (DXB) at Dubai Airport, the integration of air service systems with global healthcare databases, provide a significant advantage to clients in terms of correct control of tourist documents, improving the speed of work compared to paper forms.

The Director expressed his gratitude to the governments and his industry business partners for approving the promising project and strengthening the aviation cooperation between Dubai and Emirates.

Now numerous passengers who are the company's clients can comfortably spend their time en route between Moscow and Dubai. In addition, they can travel to other cities such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Istanbul, New York, London, Amsterdam. The IATA Travel Pass provides travelers with up-to-date information on the global COVID-19 situation. A lot of manipulations are carried out through the application:

  • management of vaccination certificates;
  • obtaining the results of PCR tests;
  • search for the address of laboratories for testing for COVID-19.

In July 2021, it is planned to implement the Alhosn mobile application in all check-in units of the airline. At the same time, cooperation with the Dubai Health Authority will allow passengers flying from the UAE to instantly find and provide all the data for checking medical forms, regardless of where clients were vaccinated, did a PCR test or antibodies. Users who have allowed to open their medical data through the Alhosn app do not have to worry about the safety of data - after check-in, all information about them is automatically deleted.

Passengers who are Emirates customers will be able to continue their tour with confidence in the comfort and safety provided by the airline. Emirates adheres to generally accepted biosecurity protocols at all stages of travel. The company also maintains a flexible policy for the exchange, refund of air tickets, provides free travel insurance with extended services, which fully covers the costs associated with COVID-19, absolutely on all flights of the company.

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