Dubai residents have been given the green light to sponsor loved ones

Permanent residents are allowed to sponsor family members and friends. Dubai is updating its visa policy. Resident individuals can now arrange to personally arrange for a visa for loved ones and acquaintances. The visa is issued for up to 3 months. In this case, the sponsor of the document itself is a resident.

Such an application can be submitted online, on the website GDRFA Dubai, via smartphone or directly at the Amer center.

The person who receives the visitor must pay a fee of AED 1,000 for the visa. The amount is refundable. However, during the processing of the document may require additional costs, such as typing fees on the application form.

Multiple entry visas to Dubai

Previously, the UAE authorities allowed the issuance of group documents for single and multiple visits to the country. Such visas are valid for 60 or 180 days and are available for tourist and other purposes. The document implies the use of most of the social opportunities of the country, for example - to rent a car in Dubai, get medical treatment, etc.

The UAE has allowed for the extension of past visa patterns for 90 days. The extension period is up to 30 days. However, documents valid for more than 180 days are not allowed to be extended. Overstaying a visa in the country is punishable by a monetary fine of more than 5 thousand dirhams.

Once the visa is expired, there is a grace period of 10 days. After its expiration, the visitor is obliged to complete all his affairs, give the vehicle in a rental car in Dubai and leave the country.

Earlier it became known that travel agencies have already filed applications to the police on the tourists with overdue documents. The result can be a ban on entry into the UAE, deportation or even arrest. Also, travel companies refused to accept visa applications from persons with facts of violations of migration policy.