Don't want to wash your car - pay a fine

Abu Dhabi Municipality Imposes Dirty Car Sanctions. Fines will be levied on owners of dusty cars who are not only road users, but also located in parking lots or parking lots. So the UAE authorities are fighting to improve the appearance of the streets, as well as to solve the problem of abandoned cars.

Now, if your car looks inadequate, you will have to pay a fine of 3 thousand dirhams, which is about 822 US dollars. In addition, dirty cars in parking lots can be confiscated as if they were abandoned. This will complicate the procedure for returning the vehicle to the owner, which, according to the authorities, will increase the responsibility for keeping the car clean. The system of punitive measures in relation to the owners of dirty cars involves a step-by-step action. First, the employees of the municipality write out a fine to the owner of the car. In case of non-payment of the issued fine within the specified period, the car will be seized. Drivers can learn about warnings in the WhatsApp messenger.

Earlier, the Dubai Transport and Roads Authority imposed penalties for the improper condition of car tires. Moreover, the owners of cars with dirty tires and with worn-out ones are subject to a fine. The assessment of the condition of rubber is carried out both by external signs and by the timing of replacement - tires that are more than 5 years old are not allowed for operation. The balancing and centering of the wheels is additionally evaluated. This measure is aimed at reducing road accidents.