Claim with a limitation: the British has told about adventures

A few days ago the former British politician David Ballantin has told the public in what the attempt of "free" travel by the taxi of Dubai has cost him. In spite of the fact that the event has taken place more than three years ago, emotions of the story-teller haven't gone out, and today actively read his memoirs and discuss in network. Possibly, their publication has been provoked by recent story about other foreigner who has got to prison whose conflict character has overset his plans for rest and has forced to get acquainted personally with prison rules in the Emirates.

In 2013, during rest in the Emirates, Ballantin with friends has called the taxi. But it wasn't using his services: at once after landing there was a conflict then passengers have demanded to stop. The taxi driver has passed several tens of meters and has stopped near local police department to declare on troublemakers. The authority has forced Ballantin to pay the sum equivalent to three dollars for a call. Having withdrawn money in the next ATM, angry British have thrown them into an open window of the taxi.

However, the driver wasn't satisfied with this action and again has demanded payment, having gone out of the car. Verbal trial has quickly developed into the short fight begun by the driver of taxi. Responsible and participants of incident have been immediately detained. The police have taken away the passport from Ballantin and, despite of a ridiculous occasion of the conflict, after two years' expectation of a sentence have placed for prison for 69 days, and then - deported home.

Interesting fact: complaining of the adventures in the Emirates, British don’t regret for the behavior and doesn't complain that he hasn't used services of a cheap hire of the car in Dubai. His claims are directed towards the government of the country which couldn't or hasn't wanted to render legal aid to the citizen and to save it from troubles. Reaction of the authorities to so loud statement is still unknown.

By the way, complaints to taxi drivers – as a rule, natives of the poor countries of Asia and Africa, get to police quite often. Among the most frequent reasons of discontent of clients there is an ignorance of the map of the city, rough behavior, violation of the rules of the movement, disembarkation of passengers halfway, etc.

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