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The ordinary tourist or the businessman forced to use public transport in the United Arab Emirates usually stays in a condition of full confusion. To understand artful designs of ways and routes on a graceful Arab ligature – the complex challenge which isn't excluding annoying mistakes and unpleasant misunderstanding. If you have international rights, the Absolute Rent a Car company will help to solve a transport problem with ease. Here you can rent a car for visual inspection of Dubai or a long travel across the UAE on the most attractive conditions. Forget about a heat, a huge number of people and long expectation of transport – rent a car in Dubai will present you freedom of movement and an opportunity to see all local sights in any convenient schedule.

Car-rental in Dubai: hospitality with east generosity

Rest in the country with hot climate, unusual for many inhabitants of the planet, has to be comfortable and safe. Considering features of movement across the territory of Dubai and beyond its limits in the conditions of the desert, specialists of Absolute Rent a Car decided to place emphasis on premium class cars. Such choice is justified by the following advantages of vehicles:

Besides, in Absolute Rent a Car vehicle fleet economy class cars are presented if it is so possible to call the magnificent new Toyota and Hyundai models with an automatic transmission and spacious interior. Their rent will manage absolutely cheap, and you will surely feel on the road, and image of the wealthy person will remain at height.

Why you should take advantage of the offer of Absolute Rent a Car and to hire a car in Dubai?

The answer is simple – only here will offer you:

What opportunities are opened before you by rent a car in the UAE?

The luxury car at the full order will forever change your idea of good rest abroad. Having hired a car in the UAE, you will be able:

  • personally to estimate faultless quality of local routes and autobahns;
  • it is free to plan rest taking into account own preferences;
  • to Estimate sights which visit isn't provided by the program of a tour;
  • to see night life of the city, to devote free time to shopping or beach rest;
  • to Ensure comfortable and safe conditions of movement about the country.

On condition of observance of local traffic regulations and correct driving, conveyance across Dubai on a car will present you only the most positive emotions.

How to issue hire a car in Dubai cheap?

Just call or send the message on the e-mail address info@abrc.ae. Our employees will choose for you the car taking into account the stated wishes and will quickly issue all necessary papers to save your time.

Absolute Rent a Car: the best view of Dubai from a window of a prestigious car!


Below we offer to Your attention the announcement of the latest news about automotive and automotive topics, which we will update regularly.


    Since January, 2018 in the United Arab Emirates the 5% VAT is introduced.12.12.17

      We report to our constants and future clients about introduction in the country since 2018 of a value added tax in the amount of 5% of the prices of goods and services. The accepted tax reform will allow economy of the UAE to experience temporary difficulties and to avoid more drastic measures on increase in revenues of the budget.

    Reasons and features of adjustment of the tax law

     Reduction of prices of oil in the world market negatively affects economy of Gulf States which wellbeing is defined by extraction of "black gold". On purpose not to allow deterioration in an economic situation and to receive a new source of income the management of the Commonwealth countries of SSAGPZ made the decision to change the existing tax law and to impose a value added tax at the rate of 5%. The vast majority of negotiators among who – the UAE and Saudi Arabia, supported introduction of the VAT in the next two years. In turn, the state of Qatar refrained from introduction of amendments to own tax law so far. Possessing the reserves of natural gas, greatest in the world, this country is ready to endure several years of economic downturn with ease and still to gain stable income from mining.

According to a number of experts, introduction of the VAT can affect the standard of living of ordinary citizens negatively. Especially as the new tax will automatically increase the cost of goods and services – in such a way producers and suppliers will secure them selves against loss of a part of profit, having shifted the VAT for shoulders of the end user. Perhaps, these fears forced legislators to choose the minimum rate – 5% while the system of the taxation of the majority of the countries of the world provides 18-20%. Besides, the inventory and the services exempted from the taxation is developed. Are included in it:

  • 150 commodity groups of the main food products;
  • Education;
  •  Medical services.

Economic calculations showed that introduction of the VAT at the minimum rate will allow increasing the GDP level of the Emirates by 4-5%.

    Now in connection with the expected changes in the UAE the tax administration to which duties control of collection of the VAT and timely receipt in the budget of the corresponding sums of money will belong is already created. Besides, the relevant acts are already prepared and approved. It is expected that within the next year tax reform will allow increasing revenues by 12 billion dirham. Besides, thanks to introduction of the VAT the country will take a serious step on approach of the domestic tax law to the existing international standards.

    Information for our clients

    As service of the rent cars in Dubai isn't included by "Absolute Rent a Car" in the list of the goods and services exempted from the VAT, the cost of lease of vehicles will be increased by 5% since January 01, 2018. However we are sure that the quality of work and flexible price level will allow continuing   cooperation, and won't affect your desire to move in the country with the maximum comfort on the cars rented in our company.   


     Police officers of Dubai: one more record out of office powers. 15.11.2017


     Competitions between representatives of different professions strengthen corporate spirit and encourage desire to become even better. The next fitness-challenge of Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) which became good tradition proved force and coordination of work of local police officers. The team on "perfectly" coped with a difficult task – towage of Airbus A380. The huge serial airliner managed to be shifted on 100 m by only one force of hands. Along with the victory in a competition it was succeeded to break the previous record when the team of 100 people managed to subdue the airplane weighing 218 tons at competitions in Hong Kong. The audience could be convinced: in the list of advantages of local police – not only successful capture of violators and timely check of services of budget rent a car in Dubai, but also excellent physical shape, and effective team work of employees. 

      Rewarding of winners took place in a festive atmosphere in presence of a number of the leading persons concerning air transport and safety. The commander-in-chief of police of Dubai was handed the certificate confirming a world record. The document was received, from Huda Kasab, directors of Guinness World Records Are thin.

     In a thanksgiving response the major general Al-Marri thanked for support of the sheikh of the Emirates, the chairman of Department of Civil Aviation and all those who took part in preparation and competition. Besides, the contribution to increase in sports culture in society was noted. According to police officials, entering of record about an event into the Guinness Book of Records will increase prestige of the country and will help to support the public initiatives in the field of sport.

     Sporting mass events in the Emirates traditionally bring together tens of thousands of the viewers and participants from the different countries of the world. The organization was jn high level: everything is carried out with enviable scope, doing each competition interesting, spectacular and memorable.



    Claim with a limitation period: the British politician has told about adventures in Dubai. 07.11.17


      A few days ago the former British politician David Ballantin has told the public in what the attempt of "free" travel by the taxi of Dubai has cost him. In spite of the fact that the event has taken place more than three years ago, emotions of the story-teller haven't gone out, and today actively read his memoirs and discuss in network. Possibly, their publication has been provoked by recent story about other foreigner who has got to prison whose conflict character has overset his plans for rest and has forced to get acquainted personally with prison rules in the Emirates.

         In 2013, during rest in the Emirates, Ballantin with friends has called the taxi. But it wasn't   using his services: at once after landing there was a conflict then passengers have demanded to stop. The taxi driver has passed several tens of meters and has stopped near local police department to declare on troublemakers. The authority has forced Ballantin to pay the sum equivalent to three dollars for a call. Having withdrawn money in the next ATM, angry British have thrown them into an open window of the taxi.

         However, the driver wasn't satisfied with this action and again has demanded payment, having gone out of the car. Verbal trial has quickly developed into the short fight begun by the driver of taxi. Responsible and participants of incident have been immediately detained. The police have taken away the passport from Ballantin and, despite of a ridiculous occasion of the conflict, after two years' expectation of a sentence have placed for prison for 69 days, and then - deported home.

      Interesting fact: complaining of the adventures in the Emirates, British don’t regret for the behavior and doesn't complain that he hasn't used services of a cheap hire of the car in Dubai. His claims are directed towards the government of the country which couldn't or hasn't wanted to render legal aid to the citizen and to save it from troubles. Reaction of the authorities to so loud statement is still unknown.

       By the way, complaints to taxi drivers – as a rule, natives of the poor countries of Asia and Africa, get to police quite often. Among the most frequent reasons of discontent of clients there is an ignorance of the map of the city, rough behavior, violation of the rules of the movement, disembarkation of passengers halfway, etc.


       In Dubai Mall – on the UAV: one more gift to guests of popular Shopping Center. 03.11.17


         Visitors of the largest shopping center Dubai Mall are waited by the next surprise. Transport reform of the megalopolis allowed to bring to their attention service of delivery to the shopping center territory on the modern comfortable car - the UAV. The test project will begin work in the nearest future, but already now it is possible to predict popularity of new service and its powerful contribution to improvement of a transport situation not only in the city, but in the near future and through the whole country.

        Up-to-date pilot less transport will constantly fly between Dubai Mall and Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard where the underground parking is located. Especially for it the corridor 550 m long is already constructed. Capacity of one vehicle is expected the average family of the United Arab Emirates consisting usually of six-seven people. At the same time work of other means of transport won't be complicated .Therefore owners of individual cars and, for example that who uses rental cars in Dubai it isn't necessary to worry especially: the new type of transport won't become the reason of traffic jams, accidents or other road cataclysms. 

           Innovation with pilot less transport for popular driving direction towards Dubai Mall – one of aspects of the project of implementation of artificial intelligence to the sphere of the transport system of the multimillion city. Its main objectives – optimization of traffic and increase in level of safety on the street of the megalopolis.


        In the Emirates the new stage of fight against driving through red light started. 08.09.17


       Despite the high level of safety on routes of the Emirates, here nevertheless separate violations take place. The considerable part of then are journey on a red signal of the traffic light. And, the rule is violated by both private traders, and clients of services of rent cars in Dubai, without being afraid of possible road accidents and damaging of another car. The police decided to start scale fight against this phenomenon and initiated installation of the hidden cameras designed to fix each similar case. Thus, the third stage of the system implementation of the observation was started.

       The first results inspire optimism – after the beginning of installation of cameras the number of violations decreased nearly by 60%. Now, the vast majority of devices is set in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and soon large routes in Al Ain and Dafre will join them.


          Umbrellas from the summer sun: new stock of municipality of Dubai. 18.07.17


          Hot sunny weather of which inhabitants of a midland of Russia dream now, for the Emirates – severe daily reality. Unfortunately, for those people that have no individual transport or haven't used car-rental in Dubai, a strong heat – serious risk for health. Faints, dizziness’s, heart attacks – the most frequent consequences of stay in the sun in the afternoon. With a problem have decided to cope with the help of usual umbrellas. Within a Year of charity the municipality of Dubai has made the decision to distribute them on city streets to the citizens who are in the subway on beaches or in parks. The first thousand umbrellas will find the happy owners already in the next few days. The ordinary pedestrians and persons working at open space without roof over the head will become them.


        Didn't learn to drive the car? Clean streets! 21.07.17


          The drivers moving by the cars on trasses of the Emirates or who  renting  car in dubai  will be able to see unusual cleaners of streets soon. It is the citizens who received punishment in the form of public works for driving of transport with gross violations of the existing rules. The unusual initiative of legislators gained full recognition in Abu Dhabi. Here already applied administrative measures in the form of forced cleaning of streets or filling of cars with fuel at local gas stations to five caught violators. Along with it them deprived of the rights and forced to pay the large penal sums in the budget. Photos of drivers at the time of performance of new labor duties by them are published in the local press as an instructive example.

          Legislators are sure: the new sanction will become excellent replacement to imprisonment or a penalty, bringing much more benefit and influencing consciousness of dashing drivers. Now in Abu Dhabi it is created and actively the department dealing with issues of assignment of public works for breakers of rules of the movement works.


       New rules of patrol of streets in Dubai: instead of the police officer – the up-to-date UAV/ 25.07.17


       According to tourists, traffic in the Emirates is quite disciplined. However the police department of Dubai decided for itself that the perfection does not have a limit, and supervision of a situation on routes after all is necessary. The decision to replace normal police cars with UAVs of production of Singapore is for this purpose made. New devices are created state-of-the-art and possess the whole set of unique features. And soon owners of personal cars, and who hired a car in the UAE will be able to see them with own eyes.

      In competence of new auto-police officers – facial recognition of people and license plate numbers, condition monitoring it is expensive, tracing of incidents and operational sending information to police department. The equipment is equipped with the cameras of the last generation, sensors and scanners with ease defining position of the machine and also – the satellite system of navigation. In process of expenditure of a charge the UAV is independently recharged and, if necessary, easily switches in a manual mode of control.


            On trasses of Dubai – by the flying taxi. 28.07.17


            Recently on the proving ground of civil aviation it was possible to observe a unique show – check of the flying taxi. The new vehicle of production of China proved to be at height in literal sense of this word, having made a voyage near the well-known skyscraper of Burdzh the Caliph and the building of Skydive Dubai. Parameters of flight were carefully fixed by specialists by means of the dash camera. 360 kg of weight, weed at the height of 3000 meters, 4 meters in length and width – the new flying car promises to offer new prospects in optimization of traffic in the Emirates.

           The flying taxi – the answer to the statement of the World summit of the governments in Dubai in February of the current year. It contains the ambitious statement for the organization in the megalopolis of the best transport system which doesn't have analogs in the world. Experts claim that by 2030 the share of the flying taxi will make about 25%. Perhaps, acquisition of such car in property will be available only to local oil tycoons, and them who  cheap car rental in Dubai, will be perhaps more real. Time will tell.


        The taxi of Dubai – one of the cheapest in the world. 01.08.2017


         Service prices in resort towns, as a rule, unpleasantly surprise even secure tourists. But from this rule there are exceptions inspiring optimism – for example, Dubai. The researches conducted in 80 cities of the world proved: the city surely takes the fifth place on the level of availability of the prices of the taxi from the airport to the central part of the resort. Such trip will cost guests of the UAE in the sum a little more than eight dollars. First place is won by Cairo, behind it available taxi services are ready to offer the Indian Mumbai, Tallinn and Tunisia. However the quality of transport and service in - the first two options raises serious doubts, unlike respectable cars and the trained personnel in the Emirates.

      As for cost for journey kilometer, here Dubai takes the 19th place. Among his main competitors there are Paris, Melbourne, Sydney, London and Tokyo. Thus, if on arrival to the country you didn rent a car in the UAE, safely use the taxi – it is cheap. Especially as in the nearest future it will be possible to receive the whole limousine in the order, having ordered it through the application of Uber.


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