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        Dubai car hire in the company Absolute Rent a Car: optimal for business and leisure  

      The public transport system of the United Arab Emirates is recognized as one of the best in the world due to its coordinated and virtually trouble-free operation.  But those guests who came to the country on a short visit are unlikely to fully appreciate these advantages.  Complicated schemes with explanations on Arabic script are a task that even the most advanced mind of a modern tourist cannot cope with.  Solving the problem in the best way will allow the traveler to have an international driver's license.  Based on this document, you can rent a good car, using the proposal of the company Absolute Rent a Car.  Terms of the transaction are more than profitable: reasonable price, modern fleet, and any time at your discretion.

    And - no problems!  Long waiting for transport in the heat, buying tickets, trying to tie free time to the bus or subway schedule - forget about all the inconveniences listed.  At your disposal will be a comfortable car that allows you to live and move around the country in a convenient business or holiday mode.

     Dubai rent a car: service, attention to detail!

      Arab Emirates, as if by magic grown up in the middle of a hot desert, will appeal to fans of East exotic and hot climate. But do not forget about their own safety. High temperature of dry air can be a real challenge even for the body with good health. Given the need to ensure the comfort and safety of guests, the UAE, experts Absolute Rent a Car picked up and is ready to offer rental of the most modern models of vehicles. The choice in their favor is justified by advantages such as:   

  • Robust design; 
  • Comfortable lounge, allowing you to easily cover hundreds of kilometers in the conditions of the hot desert; 
  • Option climate control that keeps the car nice and cool;
  • Low power consumption and environment friendly; 
  • Attractive appearance, allowing making the right impression on others.

     For those customers who prefer the practicality and convenience of external benefits, you can choose the car model range of Toyota and Hyundai with automatic transmission and modern interior. These brands need no introduction, for many years symbolizing the best achievements of the global automotive industry. The cost of the service will appreciate the affordable and wide selections allow finding a car according to your taste.


Without any difficulties in our company you can rent a reliable car in Dubai on super favorable terms

       Dubai car rent: why you should choose a rent car in Dubai in our company?

      Among the main advantages of our future cooperation we should definitely mention:

  • A wide range of prices and good discounts on services;
  • Flexible conditions for the provision of vehicles, taking into account the wishes of customers and the purpose of their stay in the country;
  • Assistance in developing a route to move within the metropolis and the country as a whole;
  • The minimum package of documents on the basis of which you can enter into a lease.  You need to provide only a passport and driver's license - local for residents or international for guests.

      Paperwork will take a short time, and you can immediately go to the road in a rented car.


 Dubai car hire


Below is one of our fords at the Mall Parking lot:

car rental in Dubai business class

     Rent cars in Dubai cheap: why you should take advantage of this offer? 

     Rest in the Emirates invariably gives guests a lot of positive emotions.  They can become even more if you move around the country in a rented car.  This solution will allow:

  • To appreciate the quality of construction and improvement of local highways and intercity roads;
  • Planning free time without taking into account the mode of public transport;
  • See a lot of attractions, about which the standard tourist program can modestly keep silence;
  • It is interesting to spend the evening of the working day, to see the nightlife of the city, to spend several hours relaxing on the beach or walking in the entertainment centers;
  • Make your vacation as comfortable and safe as possible.

     Correct behavior on the road with the observance of traffic rules and timely refueling - perhaps this is all that is required of the tenant.  Feel free to plan your vacation or business schedule, and profitable car- rental in Dubai will help you realize it comfortably and in full.

       Rental cars in Dubai cheap: how to get documents?

        If you are interested  hire a car in Dubai cheap, call the indicated phone number or send a message to the email address (hidden) Those who are in the UAE can go to the office to discuss the terms of the contract.  Our experts will help you choose the right car and prepare the necessary papers on your own to save your time.

View on Dubai from the window of our office:

Dubai car hire  including Dubai airport at the most favorable prices.



This is a picture of our office. Dubai car hire at the best prices

           Renting car in Dubai cheap: conquer the Emirates in a car from Absolute Rent a Car!


Below we offer to Your attention the announcement of the latest news about automotive and automotive topics, which we will update regularly.


    Admission examinations for obtaining rights in the Emirates transferred to automatic mode. 27.07.19


    Passing exams for a driver's license is an exciting event for both students and examiners. The first need to gather to demonstrate all the knowledge, and the second – do not miss a single violation and time to coordinate the actions of the novice driver. It is clear that in such an environment, both sides make mistakes, which affects the result of the tests. Therefore, experts of the Committee on roads and transport of Dubai proposed to automate the exam process to eliminate the human factor and fairly assess the ability of future motorists.

       A smart Track program has been created specifically for taking exams for driving license. The fully automated system is integrated into the centralized training system, as well as into the Parking control program on the site. Built-in facial recognition sensors and full video recording of the novice driver's driving process make the process available for offline viewing and completely transparent, leaving no room for cheating or abuse of authority on the part of the examiner. Among the distinctive features of the system – support for 5g communication and artificial intelligence technology, allowing to form conclusions on the quality of the exam in automatic mode.

     According to the developers of the system, the new program will completely limit access to a driver's license for those who can not cope with the control of the machine. It is clear that to put such drivers in a private vehicle or in a car rented, for example in Dubai, is dangerous for himself and for the people around him. If the unlucky student makes an attempt to bribe the examiner during the tests, this will be known, and the guilty parties will be punished.      

    Today, the Smart Track system is already installed in 250 training vehicles – from cars to large trucks. In the near future, it is planned to install it on a few dozen training vehicles in companies that provide training for future car owners.

All the best cars for our customers!

         Police in Abu Dhabi are ready to provide service free of checking the quality of tires. 17.07.19


     Timely replacement of tires is the responsibility of every motorist, regardless of his attitude to his own safety. However, vehicle owners often have to be reminded to change tires. For some reason, spending huge amounts of money on car maintenance, motorists forget to assess the condition of the tires and timely purchase a new set of tires. Perhaps this is due to the desire to save, because branded tires are quite expensive, and buying cheap tires is impractical.

   Residents of the Emirates are no exception to this rule. Local police increasingly have to see on the road cars on the "bald" tires, crying to the owner of the urgent replacement. The pleas had no effect. Therefore, an unprecedented measure was recently taken — the introduction of severe penalties for worn tires. Those who will catch the eye of the police in a car with old tires will have to replenish the local budget by 500 dirhams, the equivalent of 136 dollars. In addition, the "lucky" will receive four black marks, and his car will be confiscated for a week.

  The new rule applies to both private cars and low-cost cars offered for rent in Dubai. There are no exceptions. Since the beginning of the year alone, seven road accidents have been recorded due to the rupture of worn-out tires while driving. Their victims were two people, several citizens were seriously injured. For the period was fined more than 5,300 owners of the vehicles, the tires on the car which is not checked for the degree of deterioration.

    Abu Dhabi police once again remind all citizens, without exception, moving around the country on private cars, in a timely manner to check the condition of the tires and the pressure inside. This requirement is especially important in the summer, when due to the high temperature of the rubber begins to literally melt and quickly becomes unusable. And those who are not able to deal with their own tires offered a free check of rubber. Thanks to the sponsorship of Al Masaood Tyres, it is possible to pass it at ADNOC car stations in different parts of the capital.

always modern cars, the best prices, qualified personnel

     Dozens of mini-buses with reduced energy consumption are planned to be released on the Dubai routes. 10.07.19


   In the next few days, nine new bus routes are planned to be opened in Dubai. This was reported by representatives of the local Administration on roads and transport. Perhaps this decision is partly due to the traditional summer increase in the flow of tourists. But its main goal is further measures to optimize the urban transport scheme, which will make it more convenient for residents and visitors of the city and eliminate long interruptions.

     More than 90 small buses will go to Dubai roads to serve new transport routes. They are planned to be sent to "sleeping" areas with low population density, which can easily do without large transport with high capacity. Therefore, here you can often find private taxi cars and cars that are not expensive to rent in Dubai. Thanks to the new small-sized transport to remote parts of the city can be reached much faster. And their environmental situation will not deteriorate due to the increase in harmful vehicle emissions. 

     A distinctive feature of the new buses is low fuel consumption with relatively good speed characteristics. The production of this type of transport is engaged in the company Optare from the UK. In the cabin has 32 seats and standing space for nine persons. For people with disabilities there is a special check-in and a separate place. Among the additional nice bonuses for future passengers – USB ports for charging mobile equipment and Wi-Fi network.

   Director General of the Department of roads and transport Mattar al Thayer said that several dozen new buses were purchased as part of the program to improve the quality of public transport. Especially for this purpose, the best samples of vehicles that meet the strict requirements of international standards are selected. Part of the purchased buses will operate on existing routes, while several units of equipment will be transferred to new directions, which were developed and tested relatively recently.

All the best cars for our customers!

    Abu Dhabi police declared war on drivers without rights 12.06.19


       Recently published statistics on traffic accidents in the Emirates reaffirmed the relevance of the problem of driving without a license.  Most of the violations were committed by citizens who found themselves behind the wheel, bypassing the existing rules and not obstructing their driving school.  Moreover, the assurances that they had forgotten the rights of the house turned out to be untrue.  The number of accidents involving inexperienced drivers who are unaware of the rules of the traffic is constantly growing, which makes the law enforcement officers take appropriate measures.  

      Abu Dhabi police again notify residents and guests of the country who have decided to use the services of a cheap reliable car rental anywhere in the UAE, about the need to have a valid driver's license.  Now violators of this requirement do not have to rely on condescension.  Today, for driving without rules, large penalties and three months in prison are provided.  If the culprit is unable to pay the budget for the issued penalty ticket, his car will be sold to pay off the debt.

    According to representatives of the police department of Abu Dhabi, drivers without license, not trained, are a danger to others.  So, a few days ago in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, a young woman working as a baby-sitter and not having a driving experience, decided to drive the kids in the car.  The trip ended in tragedy - as a result of a dangerous maneuver, the car crashed into a pole, and the driver and three children died.

    Often, police stop cars that are driven by teenagers.  They take the car of parents to ride.  At the same time, their driving style provokes the creation of emergency situations on the road.  If during the inspection it turns out that underage citizens got behind the wheel with the consent of their parents, adults will also face a serious financial penalty.  Since the beginning of 2019, more than 340 teenagers have been detained in Abu Dhabi, driving a car of one of the parents.  None of the young offenders had a driver's license


      In the Emirates, owners of too noisy cars will soon be fined.  13.05.2019


 The immaculate road surface and a lot of highways cause some inconvenience to residents of houses located near the city roads.  The noise level produced by certain types of transport does not allow them to work quietly during the day and rest at night.

  Fortunately, the problem will be solved at the highest level.  For example, in Sharjah, the management of the local police was preoccupied with the acquisition and installation of special radar that tracks too “noisy” cars.  The reason for exceeding the permissible level in decibels is either a strong wear of the vehicle, or is too loud music, included by an amateur of lyrical accompaniment of road trips.  Therefore, now, having bought or bought a decent car in the Emirates in an inexpensive, quite affordable rental, do not rush to turn the radio volume control to the extreme position.  This can result in an unpleasant conversation with a road service representative and the issuance of a large fine.

 Their intentions to track cars that have become a source of strong noise, the police officers covered up with quite specious intentions.  In such a simple and quite effective way, they plan to track vehicles in need of serious repair.  Indeed, the loud noise that a car makes while driving is due to the shakiness and loose connection of the individual metal elements of the body and the internal systems.  At the same time, the risk of an emergency and a sudden stop of the car right on the track increases significantly.  If the noise of your own car does not bother the owner, the police will indicate the fault.  Moreover, communication is not limited to advice and explanations.  For each such offender will be charged a fine in the amount of 2000 dirham.  In such a situation, it is easier for the owner to take care of the car in service in a timely manner than simply donating $ 540 to the budget — the equivalent of a financial sanction in an evergreen currency.  

    Innovation to monitor the noise level on the road is part of a general trend to improve traffic safety.  Probably, in the near future, the successful experience of Sharjah will be adopted by other emirates, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi, whose huge traffic flows move 24/7.


      Free cars for expatriates: another nice gift from the UAE authorities.  02.04.19  


    Most countries of the world are not too cordial with people from other states, partially or completely restricting their civil rights.  The United Arab Emirates decided to take a different path and, in practice, show others the path to “create a happy society with equal opportunities” (c).  That is how the head of the new commission at the Ministry of Happiness of the United Arab Emirates, Ahmed Al Ewa Yumin Abril, put it, introducing the public to the new high-profile project.  According to its provisions, expatriates with more than 20 years of legal residence in the Emirates can safely count on getting an electric car made in China for free.  Now for them, public transport or a car, rented in the cabin of Dubai or another city of the United Arab Emirates, will remain in the past.  And ahead - the latest generation of personal cars with the possibility of free charging in any service in the country.

      Official comments on the project from representatives of the Ministry of Happiness of the UAE provided answers to all emerging questions.  20 years of official residence in the state is only one of the conditions, but it is the most important thing.  In addition to this factor, the values also have:

  • The continuity of the term of stay in the territory of the Emirates - at least 240 months, or 252 lunar months according to the local tradition of timing;
  • The absence of large debts for water and electricity - no more than 5,000 dirhams;
  • No criminal record in the period of residence in the UAE;
  • No more than 24 thousand dirhams of penalties during any 12 months in the country.

      These conditions are mandatory for all applicants for a free electric car.  All of them are fixed in a special agreement, signed by the representative office of the Chinese company Si Yue Yi Ri in Abu Dhabi, which will become the main supplier of passenger vehicles in the Emirates.  In addition, there are a number of additional conditions and requirements, compliance with which will not affect the decision to provide the expatriate with a personal electric vehicle, but it can be decisive in selecting a model and a complete set of the vehicle.  The only payment that you still have to make to the budget is 3,000 dirhams for issuing a free car recharge card.

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      Fund Emirates became a sponsor of the women's taxi in Chechnya. 12.03.19  


        Impeccable public transport and areas of similar private services in the cities of the United Arab Emirates is known to all who at least once visited this country. Regardless of whether the citizens of the metro or buses, choose taxi or service cheap hire a reliable and modern car models, the vast majority of cases they are guaranteed punctuality, high culture and affordability of services. Without a doubt, this experience should be actively disseminated to other countries. The issue is dedicated to the project "Mechkari" for Chechnya, sponsored by the Foundation named after Sheikh Zayed. Its content was the launch of the taxi for women where driving will be staffed entirely by women.  

         The task of the new project, whose name is translated from the Chechen language as "girls" - services for women, which are important local traditions and moral norms. Simultaneously with the taxi services a new service is ready to offer cleaning, call makeup artist for the house and hijama, the demand for which in the Republic is steadily growing. According to representatives of the leadership of the project "Mechkari", the selection of future officers is already underway. His criteria are quite strict – in calculation is accepted not only professional experience in terms of driving, but also the psychological condition of the applicant, his ability to work with people without conflict and misunderstandings.  

         Today, the cost of the project "Mechkari" is estimated at 13mn rubles, of which 2.5 million is obliged to pay the claimant, who became the initiator of the new service. The remaining costs will cover the Foundation Zayed, a branch of which began its work in Chechnya in May 2017. In the first phase of the program will be purchased two cars, and as additional funds become available, the fleet will be expanded to 17 cars. It is believed that this amount is sufficient to service the ladies in the city of Grozny. A few years a similar service is planned to start in Dagestan and Ingushetia, for these republics, the female taxi service is also very important.

 Fund Emirates became a sponsor of the women's taxi in Chechnya


              In Dubai, anyone can rent a scooter.  22.01.19


          It seems that Dubai seriously decided to compete for the title of the city with the greatest possible variety of vehicles. In addition to public transportation methods and services available, cheap rental of different cars throughout the UAE, you can now rent an electric scooter. Qwikly Mobility models from Cali technology start-up are offered as part of the company's unwinding of the project in North Africa and the Middle East.  And the Emirates were chosen as the starting object for promotion as the most promising and economically developed country.

      During the presentation of the new type of transport, Amri Shaladi, Qwikly regional manager in the UAE, said that the company sets several serious tasks for itself.  Affordable transport, environmentally friendly and as easy to use as possible - this is how new electric scooters are positioned.  They can be ordered for walking, commuting, daily shopping to save time and money.  In this case, each user will be able to feel like a specialist involved in high-tech last generation.  In order to use the service, you need to download a special application Qwikly and find a nearby free vehicle.  A special QR-code that can also be found on the rental service page will help unlock it.  A single vehicle charge is enough to cover a distance of 35km.  And after you get to your destination, you should park your new vehicle according to the established rules and make a mark on the network about the end of the operation session, so that others can use it.

      Withdrawals for the use of the rental electric scooter are made directly from the customer’s credit or debit card linked to the Qwikly service when registering a new user.  For unlocking a vehicle, you must pay 0.8 USD, or 3 dirhams, and a minute of use will cost 50 Fils, or 0.15 dollars.  The trip is possible if you have a valid driver's license, as well as an identification document of the Emirates ID standard.  The rental service is available only for citizens over 18 years old.

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         Dubai freight transport: safety first.  05.01.19

      The impeccable quality of the roads in Dubai and the surrounding areas is not a reason to let heavy trucks into the city, which can create difficult situations on the highway.  This decision was taken by the local police department, securing it with an appropriate legislative act.  So, on New Year's Eve, when the roads are overloaded with cars, trucks were redirected to bypass Dubai.  Therefore, ordinary citizens and tourists who used the cheap rental   services of modern and reliable cars in the UAE had the opportunity to enjoy the New Year's holiday program without traffic jams and emergency situations.

     To eliminate possible violations by truck drivers, the police used a smart traffic tracking system.  In addition, all participants in the movement were notified of harsh financial sanctions that awaited disobedient car owners.  It should be noted that the innovation was supported - there were no cases of violation of the ban, and the New Year's Eve passed without incident.  

    Caring for the safety of motorists and strict control of the work of heavy vehicles is one of the priorities of the Dubai police.  And limiting the movement of trucks around the city on holidays is just one of the measures that contribute to optimizing road traffic.  Also, work is currently underway on installing intelligent monitoring devices on trucks.  Their functions - tracking errors in the driver's behavior and control of driving style, including - compliance with the speed limit.  Modern technology will necessarily record a traffic accident, acceleration or emergency braking, driving a car without a driver's license, as well as entering a zone where it is forbidden to be heavy vehicles.  The data obtained will be immediately transferred to the police department.

  The installation of smart tracking devices for freight vehicles is mandatory for all vehicles with a lifespan of more than 20 years.  Over the coming months, similar technical means will be put on all machines that have been in use for more than 15 years.  And in August of 2019, the border period for retrofitting machines will be set at 10 years.


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  Pleasant innovations for Dubai public transport.  10.12.18

 The last few days gave residents and guests of the Emirates a few surprises relating to the work of public transport.  The new format of bus stops and vehicles of the future, while in the format of the experiment can all be seen and assessed with my own eyes.  Very soon, those who do not yet have personal transport and, for example, are going to use the services of inexpensive hire reliable cars in Dubai, will be able to move around the metropolis with particular comfort, despite certain climatic difficulties and large passenger traffic.

       Modern public transport stops in the Emirates are noted as the most technologically advanced and thought out from the point of view of convenience of citizens awaiting the arrival of the bus.  Heat, tropical rain, sandstorms and other cataclysms - none of the above troubles will cause inconvenience and will not disrupt your plans to move around the city.  However, the experts decided to go even further and offered the citizens to evaluate the structures working on solar energy.  Moreover, this resource in the country is more than enough.  Solar energy will find its use in the power of lighting, air conditioning and information panels.  Two pilot stops, on the basis of which experts are checking the new development, have already been installed in busy areas of Dubai.  They have 8 seats and facilities for the movement of people with disabilities.

going to use the services of inexpensive hire reliable cars in Dubai,

     In his speech to the press, Mattar Al Thayer, General Director and Chairman of the Road and Public Transport Department of the City, said that another 48 structures are currently under construction for Dubai Investment Park, Dubai Industrial Park, Dubai Industrial Park City, Dubai Internet City and JLT.  In total, the streets of Dubai will be decorated with more than 880 of these stopping complexes.

       Another novelty, already presented personally to the Crown Prince of Dubai, is the unique construction of the future public transport Dubai Sky Pod.  Special machines of the capsule concept move along the rails, hold no more than six passengers and reach speeds of up to 150km per hour, covering distances up to 200km.  Exceptional energy efficiency and the minimum need for free space for the highway are the main advantages that allow us to speak about the great future of the new type of transport in Dubai.

     New cars with unique characteristics come out on the roads of Dubai.  04.12.18 


            Several unique new products - samples of products from the global automotive industry - can be seen on the roads of the Emirates at the beginning of December.  So, in order to improve the speed and quality of response to calls, local police departments have at their disposal vehicles called Ghiath.  These are the latest generation of cars, with impressive performance and numerous features that are in demand in the process of ensuring law and order on the streets and roads of megalopolises.

       Appointment of new cars Ghiath, resembling impressive off-road cars with a reinforced hull, - help in catching criminals.  To this end, vehicles are equipped with equipment based on artificial intelligence technology.  Among the main advantages - face recognition, allowing identifying the offender by photo or video.  In addition, at the disposal of law enforcement officers - several convenient touch screens and the option of recognizing the license plates of cars that are wanted.  Means of operational communication with the command post will allow police officers to be constantly in touch, receiving instructions from the leadership and reporting on the operational situation on the streets and highways of the city.  To the listed advantages it is worth adding the original appearance, the design solution of which is somewhere between the spacecraft and the invulnerable armored Hummer.

     Those who are far from the problems of law and order, it will be interesting to ride on the new super high-speed car Milan Red.  Presented at the hands-free presentation at the Deals on Wheels showroom on Sheikh Zayed road, the vehicle is already on sale.  And, perhaps, it will soon appear in the fleet of cars that provide services of budget rent a reliable car companies in Dubai.  Experts confidently call the model one of the fastest in the world.  Among the most outstanding characteristics of the Milan Red is over clocking from zero to a hundred in just 2.5 seconds and a powerful four-cylinder turbo V8 engine of 6.2 liters.  Of the ninety-nine cars produced and marketed, 18 have already found their owners - orders have been received for them.  Even the price equivalent to 2 million US dollars does not deter future owners.  Such an “exclusive” value allows you to safely compare the new model with the prestigious Bugatti Chiron and Pagani Huayra.

 In our company you can rent a budget car anywhere in Dubai or UAE at any time


      In the Emirates, they successfully sold license plates in honor of Sheikh Zayed.  20.11.18


         From the Bedouin clay huts to the huge skyscrapers of bizarre shapes of glass and metal - many tourists rightly call the United Arab Emirates a real mirage that has arisen under the rays of the hot sun.  A country that grew up in the desert sands less than 50 years ago remembers and honors its founder, Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.  In honor of the first president and founder of the United Arab Emirates named streets and squares, highways and places of mass recreation.  Moreover, the outgoing 2018 was named the year of Sheikh Zayed.  This was the cause of numerous official and entertainment events that gathered thousands of spectators and participants.

      The centenary anniversary of his birth in 1918 was decided to celebrate in a special way the issue of special license plates.  They decided to carry out their implementation in an auction format, to which everyone was invited.  Given the number of personal and commercial vehicles that can be bought or use cheap and available rental modern car services in the UAE, the calculation of the event organizers is quite understandable.  Many people want to decorate their car with an exclusive number, and prices do not stop them.  Moreover, the cost will increase many times during the competition lovers of original combinations of numbers with an unusual meaning.

       The initiator of the release and sale of new numbers was the Committee on Roads and Transport of Dubai.  The following auction plates were presented to the public participating in the auction: Z1918 in honor of the year of birth of the sheikh and Z1946 is the time of his appointment as the representative of the ruler in the Eastern region.  Besides

      In addition, the numbers Z1968 and Z68 are released.  They point to a decisive year with Sheikh Rashid bin Said Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, when it was decided to unite several emirates.  Among the new numbers are Z1971 for the year of the founding of the United Arab Emirates and Z2018 indicating Zayed’s year.  Together with the new signs dedicated to the sheikh, numbers with two or three digits were put up for sale in various interesting combinations, the demand for which continues to grow steadily.

       The auction took place on November 17, and registration for it was open six days earlier.  The event was widely advertised through the media and the Internet.  This is probably why there were so many people who wanted to buy a new number.

 cheap and available rental modern car services in the UAE


      For the police in Dubai, Russian hoverbikes are acquired.  11/14/18


      New unique Russian-made vehicles entered the Dubai police station.  Flying hoverbikes are designed to make law enforcement even more mobile, allowing you to quickly respond to calls and incidents.  In the near future will begin testing vehicles.  If positive results are achieved, the Hovaybanks will be procured on a serious scale, and local police will switch to a new air transport mode.  

      The manufacturer of new hoverbikes eVTOL is a Russian-American company Hoversurf, which recently started its business.  The model is based on a quad bike and a motorcycle.  The maximum speed of the unique transport is 70km / h, and the duration of stay in the airspace is 25 minutes.  For Dubai, periodically fading in traffic jams, hoverbikes will become just a godsend.  Thanks to new technologies, the police will be able to quickly get to the scene of accidents and will increase the level of control over the crime situation.  In addition, it will be possible to provide security to high-ranking officials and groups of tourists moving around the metropolis in buses or use cheap services convenient rental of modern cars in Dubai.   

      The cost of each hoverbike model is approximately $ 150,000.  Considering the area of Dubai and the number of police stations, the amount acquires a cosmic scale.  However, according to government officials, the costs incurred will be justified by the increased quality of police work.  In a speech to the press, the head of the “smart services” department of the police, Khalid Nasser Al-Razuki, noted that the use of hoverbikes for the movement of police officers would become widespread already in 2020.

   Today, two teams of the Dubai Police Headquarters have begun the testing of a new vehicle.  Training takes place in the training mode, as close as possible to the real situation.  Their conduct is monitored by the heads of various levels of police, as well as representatives of the manufacturer.  The obtained data will help professionals to adapt the hoverbikes to the actual operating conditions.


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Emirates launched the first unmanned passenger transport. 07.11.2018


     The Introduction of advanced technologies into the transport system of the Emirates makes itself felt new outstanding achievements, which tells the whole world. Among the pleasant innovations designed to please the citizens and guests of the country - the launch of unmanned vehicles. A small bus NAVYA plying today on the streets of Abu Dhabi, does not need monitoring and management, steadily moving in designated paths at a relatively low speed.

    A new form of public transport that has no analogues in the world, was presented to Masdar City, the local "smart city", where day and night there's serious scientific work on a number of fronts. The Shuttle launch took place a few days ago in the presence of officials of local Department of transportation, representatives of traffic police of Abu Dhabi and foreigners from the French Embassy. The premiere was a success, and today, everyone can ride on the bus - the "drone" in the center of the metropolis.

    The capacity of the bus NAVYA – 12 people, requiring relatively high power. Design is fully Autonomous and operates from the electrical energy charged hours before each new flight. Maximum speed is 25km/h in Order not to create problems for the new unmanned traffic participant, has allocated a separate lane road. The route of the new transport connects the popular Parking zone with the city centre. And those who move around the city by public transport or  hired a car in the UAE   can at any time to transfer to the unmanned bus, slowly plying on the city streets.

     According to representatives of Masdar City, already in the next year on Emirates road will be seven new unmanned Shuttles. The mode of operation for them is convenience, which is very convenient, given the active night life of the local cities. As for the route, using the new urban transport is planned to connect the complex Eco Etihad Residence, and a large shopping centre, Majid Al Futtaim's My City Center Masdar, the construction of which is nearing completion.


       Transfer from Dubai airport at new fares: the benefit is obvious.  08.10.18

       Emirates residents and tourists arriving in the country on Emirates aircraft are invited to use Uber taxi services.  New exclusive fares, designed specifically for passengers of the world's largest international airline, will raise their spirits from the very first minutes of their stay in the country and will help to save money.

       The agreement, signed by the management of the company Emirates and Uber, aims to provide services to passengers at Dubai Airport at the best prices.  The proposal is addressed to those who arrive in the UAE from Australia, South Africa, Egypt, France and Saudi Arabia.  A promo code available through Emirates Economy Flex Plus or Economy Flex service packages guarantees a substantial discount on transfer services.  The only condition - you need to book a trip until December 10, while the promotional offer remains valid.  As part of the Economy Flex Plus agreement, passengers are entitled to a free ride from an international airport to anywhere in the city, if its cost does not exceed 120 dirhams.  For those who choose Economy Flex, the discount on the price of the trip will be 50%, and the cost limit will be 60 dirhams.  Even if in the future you plan to use the service of affordable available for rental reliable cars in Dubai, you should not refuse to travel in a taxi, especially since the Uber service has always been distinguished by its excellent quality service.  A convenient airport transfer will save you a lot of time and nerves.

      This offer is not the first thing that Uber is ready to surprise fans of fast and comfortable movement.  So, a few months ago, customers of the service were offered a trip to the local tourist "chips" with a large discount.  The campaign, which ran from June to July this year, gave a total discount of 60% and another 15% for six trips to any of the thirty-three attractions of the UAE.  By purchasing a Dubai Pass ticket valid for 3 or 7 days, everyone could enjoy a trip around the emirate in comfortable cars and visit all the parks, beaches and other mass tourism facilities that are of interest.  Given the success of this proposal, we can safely assume that it will become a good tradition.


         Electric cars in Dubai: now with discounts.  10/03/18


        A new online store in Dubai offers everyone to join the world of high technology and purchase an electric car at the best price.  According to the organizers of such an unusual action, the opportunity to buy the latest generation of personal vehicles will interest both ordinary citizens and guests of the country, as well as the companies providing car rent services in Dubai intending to expand their own fleet.

      The initiative to open the online electric store DEWA Store belongs to the Electricity and Water Authority of Dubai (DEWA), which actively cooperates with a number of public and private commercial enterprises.  All offers for the purchase of vehicles operating on alternative fuels are available through the smart Office application.  Here you can not only learn the characteristics of vehicles, but also - to get acquainted with exclusive offers, as well as - to make a purchase with a good discount as part of the next promotion.

        In his speech, dedicated to the opening of the online store, the director of digital technologies DEWA Mohammed Bin Suleiman told a lot of interesting things about the principles of sales.  According to him, only on the new online platform, customers will be offered preferential terms for insurance and installment plans.  All this was made possible through direct cooperation with banking and insurance structures that provide services to motorists.  Contracts have already been made with dealers who supply the Renault Zoe, Al Ghandi Auto and Bolt EV modelsto the market.  In addition, among the business partners is Emirates Bank NBD, which credits everyone to install new solar panels on the roof of their own car.  Also, residents and guests of Dubai, who have glanced at the pages of the DEWA Store application, will be able to take advantage of lucrative offers on the organization of relocations and large cargo transportation.  The services of partner companies from this segment are also provided with large discounts.

     In his speech, Mohammed Bin Suleiman emphasized that the platform DEWA is completely free for both individuals and legal entities.  In the near future, its development plans include the transfer of all services to electronic online mode, saving potential customers from the need to visit the DEWA office.


     Surveillance cameras will deliver in more than 11 thousand taxis in Dubai. 21.09.18 

     A few days ago, the Department of Roads and Transport of Dubai (RTA) informed the inhabitants of the metropolis about the completion of activities for equipping city taxis with CCTV cameras.  So, already before the beginning of October this year, without exception, all vehicles transporting passengers will be carefully "monitored" for quality of services and traffic safety.  Currently, cameras are installed in more than 9,000 cars, and in the next few weeks, specialists will have to completely complete the installation of video equipment in the remaining machines.

    The task, which is put by the managers of RTA, is simple and understandable.  In his speech to the press, Mohammed Nabhan, director for monitoring the transport activities of the Office, pointed out the need to verify the compliance of drivers with qualification requirements, and their behavior - the standards of safety and morality.  Tracking of all that is happening in the salon will be carried out by RTA specialists, immediately reporting violations to taxi management and the police department.  The recorded materials will be safely stored on the DVR device in the car salon.  And in the near future the technology will be replaced with so-called "smart" systems, which will provide information centrally in real time.

     As the statistics show, in the first half of 2018, taxi services were used by 278 million people.  Among them - both local residents, and numerous tourists.  About 32% - this kind of passenger traffic is in a taxi, and this is the second place after the Dubai metro.  Six passengers are carrying out passenger transportation services, where more than 40% is accounted for by the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC): more than 5000 cars out of 11,300 cars.

     Unfortunately, it does not do without unpleasant incidents.  Quite a lot of complaints from clients come on the behavior of drivers, their low level of skill and frankly immoral behavior.  Denial of service, improper overstating of tariffs, changing the route for the purpose of obtaining additional income, scandals and creating emergency situations are the most frequent causes of passengers' discontent.  Some of them simply refuse services, preferring   Dubai rent a car  or change to public transport.  Those who are not ready to put up with the situation, at any time can call the service center RTA and report an unpleasant incident.  The complaint will be settled within three days, without fail having notified the client about the results of its consideration.


       Since the beginning of September, new parking spaces have been opened at Dubai Mall.  17.09.18

      The next season of sales, which started in Dubai with the beginning of autumn, caused huge traffic jams and congestion in the famous Dubai Mall.  Tens of thousands of buyers alone and families rush to make profitable purchases, walking for hours on numerous boutiques.  The spacious parking of the shopping and entertainment center, designed for the influx of guests, was completely unprepared for this turn of events.  And those who last weekend decided to take a walk around Dubai Mall closer to the middle of the day, were forced to leave their cars far from the shopping center.

      We must pay tribute to the authorities - quickly navigating in the situation, they took care that the owners of private cars and customers of low-cost car rental services in Dubai could stand on the parking lot near the center and not create additional problems on the road.  In its message distributed to the local media, Dubai's Road and Transport Authority (RTA) invited Dubai Mall guests to be accommodated in additional parking spaces at Al Wasl Club and Jafiliya.  It is close and very convenient for cars coming to the shopping center, which in early September became a point of attraction and a place of entertainment for numerous citizens and wealthy tourists.

      To further reduce the load on the roads, the leadership of the Road Traffic Agency RTA went even further in their good endeavors and invited everyone to get to the Dubai Mall by bus.  The routes are circulated from the new additional parking places right up to the TC's doors.  Therefore, large families with children, coming for shopping in all its numerous composition, do not feel any inconvenience at all.  A spacious air-conditioned bus room can save precious minutes and spend even more time hoping to make a profitable purchase with a discount of 30 to 90%.

       According to the leadership of the Road Traffic Agency RTA, such measures will not be an isolated event, but will become permanent in the days of holidays and vacations.  Residents of Dubai will be able to test these words in practice already in November this year, when the series of regular holiday holidays will begin in the emirate.


      Renewal of car registration in Dubai: now - in automatic mode.  15.09.18

      The total automation of life in the Emirates again "paid attention" to the area of registration of vehicles.  Now all private owners can renew their car registration in automatic mode.  Previously, such a service was available only for legal entities, at whose disposal - one or more units of vehicles.  Of course, for businesses with an impressive fleet of cars - for example, taxi services or low-cost car hire services in Dubai - this opportunity saved a lot of time and money.  Today, the online registration mode has become available to all comers.  

        Representatives of the management of the Department for Roads and Transport of Dubai (RTA) told about the new service of automatic registration of vehicles registration in their next message.  Jamal Assad, director of vehicle licensing at RTA, answered all the questions and explained in detail the advantages and possibilities of the new service.  Automating the renewal of the registration of the TS is an important part of the overall strategy of the Office for the transition to online services, available for all categories of customers in 24/7 mode.  Owners of cars - both enterprises and ordinary citizens - will be able to renew the registration of the car at any time.  The only condition is the availability of an electronic wallet, which today does not cause problems, especially in such an "automated" country as the United Arab Emirates.

          Access to automatic renewals is possible through the RTA website.  In the Licensing Services section, select the "Automatic Renewal" item.  In the list of obligatory requisites - license plate of the car, the registration of which must be renewed.  Moreover, you can do these 90 days before the end of the term.  Such a decision will allow performing the operation in a timely and later manner - not to have problems with the law due to violation of the law.

        In addition to the auto-renewal service, there are a number of other useful options.  Among them - checking e-mail, replenishing the electronic wallet for payment of fines, choosing the method of delivery of a new registration card.  After providing all the information requested, it remains only to confirm your consent to receive the services.


    CCTV cameras in every taxi in Dubai - before the end of the year.  10.06.18

      Improving the level of passenger transportation safety is one of the priority directions of the development of the transport network in Dubai.  As part of the implementation of events dedicated to the quality of service in the local taxi of the metropolis, it is planned to install CCTV cameras in every car of private and public services.  Their main task is to monitor and transmit information about the behavior of the driver, as well as about his professional skills and ability to work in the field of transportation services.  In addition, it is planned to monitor the compliance of taxi drivers' behavior with local moral standards.  It should be noted that in the near future, cameras will also be installed in cars that are offered for rent in Dubai - this measure will also help to track the driver's behavior, as well as to exclude cases of deliberate damage to leased property.  

      Currently, the park of cars of taxi services totals more than 10200 cars.  According to experts of the Department of Public Transport, all of them will be equipped with cameras by the end of this year.  At the present time, digital systems are already mounted in more than 6,500 cars; the time of the others will come in the coming months.  According to the owners of taxi services, the innovation fully justifies itself - thus, it can quickly respond to customer complaints and even - to prevent possible negative impressions due to timely suppression of cases of unprofessional behavior of drivers.  In addition, with the help of cameras, it is possible to objectively assess the level of competence of taxi drivers and provide additional training for those employees who clearly do not reach the proper level of a qualified driver.  Thus, the quality of customer service in taxis is noticeably increasing - this is evidenced by the feedback of citizens. 

       Another reason for the rapid installation of video cameras in a taxi, which is of particular interest to the authorities, is the implementation of a large-scale Smart City project.  Its goal is to make Dubai one of the most technologically equipped megacities of the world, where the use of digital technology has become almost universal, covering all spheres of everyday life of citizens.


      In Dubai, the number of parking lots has sharply decreased. 15.05.18


         Another inspection company, recently held in Dubai, forced the authorities to take unprecedented measures and close forty private parking spaces at once.  The figure is quite impressive, taking into account the size of the metropolis and a significant number of machines.  Of course, such a tough decision by the Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA) is unlikely to cause a significant inconvenience to the car owners and customers of services rent a car in Dubai cheap. Nevertheless, the closure of private car parks has been discussed for several days at various levels, including on urban online sites. 

     The check carried out by the employees of the Department of Transport and Police Departments revealed a number of serious violations.  Some of the owners rudely violated the law, while others simply ignored the requirement to obtain a proper work permit. 

      In his press release, the head of the RTA Department of Traffic, Mayfa Bin Adai, said that all offenders were given a certain period to correct the deficiencies identified in the work.  In turn, the inspection raid itself aimed to verify compliance with the general rules for the organization of parking.  At the present time, owners of closed parking have received individual warnings, and the cars parked in parking have been dragged off to nearby parking spaces, where no serious deficiencies have been identified.

        As for the measures to correct the detected problems, their list is quite impressive.  First of all, owners need to install large electronic displays at the entrance, where the current information on the number of occupied and vacant places will be posted.  In addition, you will also need to provide information about the operator, parking rules, current tariffs and a list of contacts for communication with the management.  All of the above information is subject to statistical recording in the Office of Transport and may be transmitted to local media in order to notify potential customers of parking.  Also among the mandatory requirements - a large marking of parking spaces, competent design of safe entry and exit, the presence of surveillance cameras and, of course, good parking lights at night.


       In Dubai "smart" cars will hold exam for the driver license. 28.03.18


      Essentially new "smart" polygon was developed by engineers of road control of Dubai. Now future drivers who were successfully trained should take examination on the equipped site under the supervision of tens of cameras. New Smart Training and Testing Yard already passed test, and in the nearest future motorists should estimate its efficiency.

         Mattar Al Tayer, the chairman of the board on roads and transport, in colors described opportunities and advantages of the new examination site developed state-of-the-art. Thanks to existence of the cameras connected to the central processor, vehicles perceive all actions made by the driver. The computer processes the acquired information and carries out a strict, but fair verdict about readiness of the newly made motorist to take the wheel and to come out independently to the road of the megalopolis or – rent a car  in Dubai  and to go to traveling about the country. 

       The first trial arrivals were made in February of last year, and already in the current year is planned to open about 16 similar centers in different parts of the Emirates. Unique opportunities of automatic reception of examinations are caused by existence of new system that provides transparency of check of skills of the beginning drivers. Constructed taking into account requirements of automation and safety, it excludes an error in count of results of examination and at the same time – allows to accept arrival directly at several people. Each attempt of delivery carefully is fixed and remains in memory of the device that allows to view record and to analyze the misses allowed by the pupil.

       Among interesting innovations – a special pad and five cameras. They are set in each car driving which beginners take driving test. These pads are fixed and estimated on execution accuracy of driver’s maneuvers. And to avoid accidents, the machine is locked when speeding more 35km/h or as approaching other moving object. The new polygon was already highly appreciated by experts in the field of traffic safety.

Even for those who want to rent a car in Dubai need to take on the right


        The parking of a petrol car on the parking for electric vehicles in Dubai will be punished by a penalty. 13.03.18


        Transition to alternative types of fuel is relevant even for the Emirates, apparently, of not having special problems with oil. Nevertheless, in the country the campaign for introduction of electric vehicles instead of habitual "petrol" vehicles gains steam. For owners of cars of new generation the most loyal conditions are provided, including – the isolated places on numerous parking and parkings. And here owners of usual cars in the light of new policy were kind of outsiders. In case the careless motorist on intention or accidentally takes the place intended for the electric vehicle, he will be forced to fill up the local budget for 1000 dirhams. So much the penalty sum for "infringement of the rights" of owners of electric vehicles is.

      In the report officials of Management of traffic and transport have reported that for electric cars in Dubai about 220 parking reservation are allocated and made. At the first stage this indicator was 70 places, but became clear soon: the effective policy of advance of electric vehicles promotes fast increase in number of their owners. Therefore for the purpose of comprehensive encouragement of buyers of electric cars, parking spaces for the cars working at renewable will be allocated and further. And, it will concern not only the state, but also private parkings.

      As much as possible to save from mistakes of owners of petrol cars – own, and taken in a hire in Dubai, parking spaces for electric cars will designate a special marking. Thus, the inadvertent mistake will be excluded, and the obstinacy – is punished by the large penalty designed to talk some sense a grief - the car owner and to teach him to reckon with the law and people around.

       According to long-term plans, the authorities of Dubai intend to increase a share of electric cars to 2% of the total number of vehicles by 2020. And in 2030, as envisioned by Management of traffic and transport, their specific weight has to be about 10%. Such situation will emphasize elite position of the Emirates in questions of technical progress and relevant innovations again and also – will allow influencing positively an ecological situation in the country.


hired a car in the UAE on the most favorable terms 


  And how in the UAE they solve a problem of traffic jams? 08.03.18


      Yes, it is valid, infinite traffic jams between Dubai and Sharjah forced the authorities to take the most drastic measures on correction of a situation. The new road between Sharjah and Dubai will help to cope with kilometer traffic jams. Already by the end of 2018 it is going to optimize a number of outcomes and to build new trasses which will help to unload a many thousands car traffic in two directions. A number of projects already is in work, and by January, 2019 all drawn-up plans will be completely implemented. 

      In the statement the minister of development of infrastructure Abdullah ibn Mohammed Belkheyf Al Nuaymi was rather categorical. He assured residents of Sharjah and Dubai that within the next 6-8 months they will be able to forget about traffic jams completely. Despite the impressive cost of the general project of improvement of the road message – 200 million dirhams, are already mastered about 75% now, and the result of works doesn't keep itself waiting. The video cameras installed along local routes show the free movement of passenger and cargo transport within a day. An exception - short rush hour in morning and evening hours when citizens reach for work, and tourists a dense flow on the rented cars in the UAE, go towards local shopping centers and a beach strip.

      Among the main plans of the authorities for improvement of a road situation – opening of the four-kilometer bridge in August of the current year. Besides, it is decided to redirect a significant amount of trucks. So, in certain time when on trasses the maximum number of cars is observed, trucks will be able to use only (E611) Route Emirates not to complicate already difficult road situation. Especially for heavy-load cars on the road the special strip and dozens of capacious parking spaces will be equipped.

     Also among long-term plans which need to be implemented till 2021, - construction of the fourth bridge between Dubai and Sharjah. According to specialists, it will allow to unload Al Ittihad Highways overflowed today, Mohammed Bin Zayed and the route Emirates. Design works are already started, and in the nearest future on an object intensive construction will begin.

rent a car in the UAE for a long time 


     The budget taxi from Careem: experience of Dubai successfully adopts Abu Dhabi. 16.02.18.

Competitive wars and price peripetias in 2016 put the private companies of the taxi literally beyond the law. Today the problem managed to be resolved successfully, and "private traders" acquired the official status again. Moreover, after obtaining the relevant documents of the company had an opportunity to work in the largest cities of the Emirates – certainly, on the terms of observance of initial arrangements and support of loyal price policy.

       In the nearest future the operator of the Careem taxi, famous in the country, is going to start the budget service in Abu DhabiI.it is necessary only to get approval of the new project from regulators. In Dubai the company works long ago and successfully, pleasing the locals and guests preferring to move on passenger transport. Unfortunately, in 2016, after three years of successful work in the market of the UAE, Careem and its main competitor Uber were forced to wind down the work partially. The reason – violation of the price policy which is accurately regulated by the local legislation.

      Effects of temporary idle time didn't keep themselves waiting. Today Uber couldn't enter the Abu Dhabi market, a tidbit for business of the taxi because of a large number of inhabitants and tourists, despite numerous services of cheap rental cars in the UAE. Careem managed to return on the lost positions again, in the beginning having refused the budget services. Today the company declares the plans for introduction to a price of the inexpensive trips available for all comers. Now it is necessary to undergo the procedure of approval of the prices, and it is possible to begin advertizing campaign for drawing attention to new useful service.  

    The local legislation orders to private taxi services to raise strictly certain sums of funds from clients. So:

  • the first 10 km of a way will cost the passenger 40 dirhams;
  • each subsequent kilometer - in 4 dirhams;

   And, this price doesn't depend on a type of the car even if it is a limousine. As for services of Careem, the cost of their trips is:

  • in Abu Dhabi 12 dirhams;
  • in Dubai – 16 dirhams.

Today Uber couldn't enter the Abu Dhabi market, a tidbit for business of the taxi because of a large number of inhabitants and tourists, despite numerous services of hiring  a car in Dubai.

     Compensation is promised the motorists who have paid the VAT upon purchase of Salik. 11.01.18

    The first days after introduction in the Emirates of a value added tax wasn’t without unpleasant incidents. The citizens who have decided to acquire cards or counters Salik have forcedly overpaid the VAT, despite release of this category of services from the taxation. The reason – system failures at gas stations where "clever cars" automatically charged 5% for all types of the realized goods. A considerable part of similar cases has been recorded on January 1 – in the first day of the beginning of tax reform when the recustomized equipment worked literally in the test mode.

     The tax law entered since the beginning of 2018 unambiguously specifies – cards and counters Salik, Etisalat and Du at gas stations and in supermarkets aren't subject to taxation of the VAT. Certainly, today all equipment has undergone the corresponding change-over, and now the overpayment is excluded. Nevertheless, the number of the recorded complaints is rather high. Therefore, despite the insignificant sum, the management of the "guilty" bus stations has made the decision to return to all buyers illegally paid sum of money.

    Among victims – both locals, and the tourists who have hired cars in Dubai. From each 100 dirhams spent for purchase of the map or a counter Salik for driving through toll highways 5 dirhams has been in addition received. It should be noted: an incident has occurred only at some gas stations. Therefore buyers were perplexed – still yesterday in other place they paid precisely required sum and today from them additional 5 dirhams have suddenly demanded, reminding of collection of a new tax.

    It is necessary to pay tribute to attentiveness and scrupulousness of citizens – the vast majority of them has kept checks for purchase of road maps where the overpayment fact is noted. This useful habit will allow them to get the refund without problems now, having addressed at gas station where the card has been acquired.

      The management of transport and roads reminds again: services of public transport, and toll highways don't fall under action of the VAT, and any attempts of his collection are illegal. As well as before tax reform, driving through the paid section of the road will cost 4 dirhams.


     Dubai car hire from our Agency in the most favorable terms!


       New prices: in the Emirates fuel has risen in price. 05.01.2018

       Since January 2018 all of gas station in the territory of the Emirates raised fuel prices. Growth of cost of gasoline didn't become surprise – was reported about it in December of last year, and exact price level was specified in the relevant document of the Ministry of Energy. Specialists claim that the next rise in price is connected with a situation in the world market, namely – with growth of the international oil prices. As for increase percent, it is insignificant – now owners of transport and clients of Dubai rent a car services should overpay only about 2-3 cents for liter of gasoline or diesel fuel.

     Experts started talking about future increase in cost of fuel resources even in the fall when at the end of October oil reached the maximum level of the prices in the last two years. At the same time earlier, after considerable falling of cost of oil v2016 to year, fall of the same year the Emirates reduced oil production on 1,8mln barrels a day, at the same time sharply having reduced export volumes. The arrangement of the countries of OPEC on decrease in extraction of fuel was several times prolonged, expecting stabilization of a situation in the world market. The formed deficit also became the fuel rise in price reason. Besides, the situation is influenced by the war in Iraq which is also one of the largest exporters of oil.

     One more factor which influenced growth of cost of gasoline in the Emirates is an introduction in the country of a value added tax to a considerable part of goods and services. 5% of the former price, considering their low level in a fuel segment, - the small sum, almost imperceptible for the inhabitant. Especially as it is about the country with rather high standard of living.

     Last year was celebrated by an unstable situation in the field of pricing on oil products. So, literally in November, 2017 the cost of gasoline decreased by 4%, and now it is again increased. According to forecasts of the World Bank, in the come 2018 oil will rise in price approximately for 6%, having reached a point in 56 dollars for barrel. Therefore with a bigger share of probability it is possible to expect further increase in prices.


   The Careem taxi in Dubai: excellent service at the budget prices. 27.12.17

   New budget service of the Go taxi from Careem in the Emirates forced to speak about itself all who prefer the individual transport or Dubai car rent services. The minimal cost of a trip in the comfortable car will be about 12 dirhams, or a little more than 3 dollars. Thus, services of the new economical taxi will cost nearly for 30% cheaper, than "standard" journey in the Careem car, and will be completely similar at cost to service of the state taxi which is directed by Management on roads and transport.

   The new taxi service is tested already several months, and so far test results meet all expectations. Demonstrate to it the word Bassel Al Nakhlaui holding a position of the top manager of Careem branch in Dubai. Results of testing were provided on court of specialists of Management on roads, and any complaints didn't follow. More than 300 cars  were involved in the first trial trips for the megalopolis it is very little, but there is quite enough for working off of the regular and emergency situations arising during work of the normal city taxi.

    Important point to which all future clients should pay attention: the rate of the new taxi will be not constant, but floating. The decision to sweep by the car in rush hours will be in the sum for 10-50% more expensive, than in normal time when it is possible to keep within 12-15 dirhams easily. Dynamic pricing – not a whim, but desire to evenly distribute loading and to provide to clients high-quality service and also – to save them from tiresome expectation of the ordered car.

    In long-term plans of Careem – sharing of cars of several services. From the most probable partners It should be noted the state taxi mentioned above which is directed by Management of roads and transport of RTA. Such decision will allow reducing considerably the number of cars on roads. And, so new traffic jams and emergencies will manage to be avoided. Besides, service intends to start service a limousine taxi, and – to offer it to clients of the price 30-50% lower, than work now.

       Transport life in the Emirates: rains, bridges and discounts for penalties. 19.12.17

        Those who traveled around the Emirates by the car or used service of cheap car-rental in Dubai, note faultless quality of local roads. Local authorities should pay tribute – in the desire to bring the country to the first place in the world on traffic safety, they do everything possible also impossible. Among new interesting projects about which all motorists of the country speak, - construction of the new bridge from Dubai to Sharjah thanks to which it will be possible to optimize transport connection between emirates.

       More than 17000 cars an hour, 7 driving lanes, a security guarantee and a qualitative covering – a new construction draw general attention to themselves even today when until its opening there is more than half a year. The total cost of construction is the impressive sum of 200 million dollars however, specialists are sure that all expenses are completely justified. The bridge is designed to unload a difficult section of the route where because of sharp reduction of number of strips constant traffic jams are observed and there are major accidents.

       Intensive road construction – only a part of the general master plan of development of automobile highways in the Emirates. Its purpose – improvement of transport infrastructure and, of course, simplification of everyday life of the ordinary citizens preferring to use the individual transport for work and rest. Perhaps, the last moment forced the authorities of the smallest emirate in the UAE of Adzhman to make concessions to payers of penalties for violation of traffic regulations and to suggest to pay off a debt at a discount of 50%. "Action" works only till March of next year, and motorists should be calculated with approach of spring for own violations in full.

       However transport life of the Emirates consists not only of holidays. So, last days off in Dubai went heavy rains that there were the reason more than 580 accidents of different complexity. At the same time the police received more than 12500 calls from the citizens who faced difficulties at the movement on street circuits because of deterioration in visibility. Fortunately, the measures in time taken and consciousness of owners of a car allowed avoiding serious problems. The road service always timely notifies citizens on close weather conditions to warn them against a travel to mountainous areas and to remind of preparation of the car for a rainy season.

    Since January, 2018 in the United Arab Emirates the 5% VAT is introduced.12.12.17

      We report to our constants and future clients about introduction in the country since 2018 of a value added tax in the amount of 5% of the prices of goods and services. The accepted tax reform will allow economy of the UAE to experience temporary difficulties and to avoid more drastic measures on increase in revenues of the budget.

    Reasons and features of adjustment of the tax law

     Reduction of prices of oil in the world market negatively affects economy of Gulf States which wellbeing is defined by extraction of "black gold". On purpose not to allow deterioration in an economic situation and to receive a new source of income the management of the Commonwealth countries of SSAGPZ made the decision to change the existing tax law and to impose a value added tax at the rate of 5%. The vast majority of negotiators among who – the UAE and Saudi Arabia, supported introduction of the VAT in the next two years. In turn, the state of Qatar refrained from introduction of amendments to own tax law so far. Possessing the reserves of natural gas, greatest in the world, this country is ready to endure several years of economic downturn with ease and still to gain stable income from mining.

According to a number of experts, introduction of the VAT can affect the standard of living of ordinary citizens negatively. Especially as the new tax will automatically increase the cost of goods and services – in such a way producers and suppliers will secure them selves against loss of a part of profit, having shifted the VAT for shoulders of the end user. Perhaps, these fears forced legislators to choose the minimum rate – 5% while the system of the taxation of the majority of the countries of the world provides 18-20%. Besides, the inventory and the services exempted from the taxation is developed. Are included in it:

  • 150 commodity groups of the main food products;
  • Education;
  •  Medical services.

Economic calculations showed that introduction of the VAT at the minimum rate will allow increasing the GDP level of the Emirates by 4-5%.

    Now in connection with the expected changes in the UAE the tax administration to which duties control of collection of the VAT and timely receipt in the budget of the corresponding sums of money will belong is already created. Besides, the relevant acts are already prepared and approved. It is expected that within the next year tax reform will allow increasing revenues by 12 billion dirham. Besides, thanks to introduction of the VAT the country will take a serious step on approach of the domestic tax law to the existing international standards.

    Information for our clients

    As service of the rent cars in Dubai isn't included by "Absolute Rent a Car" in the list of the goods and services exempted from the VAT, the cost of lease of vehicles will be increased by 5% since January 01, 2018. However we are sure that the quality of work and flexible price level will allow continuing   cooperation, and won't affect your desire to move in the country with the maximum comfort on the cars rented in our company.    


   Police officers of Dubai: one more record out of office powers. 15.11.2017


     Competitions between representatives of different professions strengthen corporate spirit and encourage desire to become even better. The next fitness-challenge of Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) which became good tradition proved force and coordination of work of local police officers. The team on "perfectly" coped with a difficult task – towage of Airbus A380. The huge serial airliner managed to be shifted on 100 m by only one force of hands. Along with the victory in a competition it was succeeded to break the previous record when the team of 100 people managed to subdue the airplane weighing 218 tons at competitions in Hong Kong. The audience could be convinced: in the list of advantages of local police – not only successful capture of violators and timely check of services of budget rent a car in Dubai, but also excellent physical shape, and effective team work of employees. 

      Rewarding of winners took place in a festive atmosphere in presence of a number of the leading persons concerning air transport and safety. The commander-in-chief of police of Dubai was handed the certificate confirming a world record. The document was received, from Huda Kasab, directors of Guinness World Records Are thin.

     In a thanksgiving response the major general Al-Marri thanked for support of the sheikh of the Emirates, the chairman of Department of Civil Aviation and all those who took part in preparation and competition. Besides, the contribution to increase in sports culture in society was noted. According to police officials, entering of record about an event into the Guinness Book of Records will increase prestige of the country and will help to support the public initiatives in the field of sport.

     Sporting mass events in the Emirates traditionally bring together tens of thousands of the viewers and participants from the different countries of the world. The organization was jn high level: everything is carried out with enviable scope, doing each competition interesting, spectacular and memorable.


    Claim with a limitation period: the British politician has told about adventures in Dubai. 07.11.17


      A few days ago the former British politician David Ballantin has told the public in what the attempt of "free" travel by the taxi of Dubai has cost him. In spite of the fact that the event has taken place more than three years ago, emotions of the story-teller haven't gone out, and today actively read his memoirs and discuss in network. Possibly, their publication has been provoked by recent story about other foreigner who has got to prison whose conflict character has overset his plans for rest and has forced to get acquainted personally with prison rules in the Emirates.

         In 2013, during rest in the Emirates, Ballantin with friends has called the taxi. But it wasn't   using his services: at once after landing there was a conflict then passengers have demanded to stop. The taxi driver has passed several tens of meters and has stopped near local police department to declare on troublemakers. The authority has forced Ballantin to pay the sum equivalent to three dollars for a call. Having withdrawn money in the next ATM, angry British have thrown them into an open window of the taxi.

         However, the driver wasn't satisfied with this action and again has demanded payment, having gone out of the car. Verbal trial has quickly developed into the short fight begun by the driver of taxi. Responsible and participants of incident have been immediately detained. The police have taken away the passport from Ballantin and, despite of a ridiculous occasion of the conflict, after two years' expectation of a sentence have placed for prison for 69 days, and then - deported home.

      Interesting fact: complaining of the adventures in the Emirates, British don’t regret for the behavior and doesn't complain that he hasn't used services of a cheap hire of the car in Dubai. His claims are directed towards the government of the country which couldn't or hasn't wanted to render legal aid to the citizen and to save it from troubles. Reaction of the authorities to so loud statement is still unknown.

       By the way, complaints to taxi drivers – as a rule, natives of the poor countries of Asia and Africa, get to police quite often. Among the most frequent reasons of discontent of clients there is an ignorance of the map of the city, rough behavior, violation of the rules of the movement, disembarkation of passengers halfway, etc.


        In Dubai Mall – on the UAV: one more gift to guests of popular Shopping Center. 03.11.17


         Visitors of the largest shopping center Dubai Mall are waited by the next surprise. Transport reform of the megalopolis allowed to bring to their attention service of delivery to the shopping center territory on the modern comfortable car - the UAV. The test project will begin work in the nearest future, but already now it is possible to predict popularity of new service and its powerful contribution to improvement of a transport situation not only in the city, but in the near future and through the whole country.

        Up-to-date pilot less transport will constantly fly between Dubai Mall and Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard where the underground parking is located. Especially for it the corridor 550 m long is already constructed. Capacity of one vehicle is expected the average family of the United Arab Emirates consisting usually of six-seven people. At the same time work of other means of transport won't be complicated .Therefore owners of individual cars and, for example that who uses rental cars in Dubai it isn't necessary to worry especially: the new type of transport won't become the reason of traffic jams, accidents or other road cataclysms. 

           Innovation with pilot less transport for popular driving direction towards Dubai Mall – one of aspects of the project of implementation of artificial intelligence to the sphere of the transport system of the multimillion city. Its main objectives – optimization of traffic and increase in level of safety on the street of the megalopolis.


         In the Emirates the new stage of fight against driving through red light started. 08.09.17


       Despite the high level of safety on routes of the Emirates, here nevertheless separate violations take place. The considerable part of then are journey on a red signal of the traffic light. And, the rule is violated by both private traders, and clients of services of rent cars in Dubai, without being afraid of possible road accidents and damaging of another car. The police decided to start scale fight against this phenomenon and initiated installation of the hidden cameras designed to fix each similar case. Thus, the third stage of the system implementation of the observation was started.

       The first results inspire optimism – after the beginning of installation of cameras the number of violations decreased nearly by 60%. Now, the vast majority of devices is set in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and soon large routes in Al Ain and Dafre will join them.


          Umbrellas from the summer sun: new stock of municipality of Dubai. 18.07.17


          Hot sunny weather of which inhabitants of a midland of Russia dream now, for the Emirates – severe daily reality. Unfortunately, for those people that have no individual transport or haven't used car-rental in Dubai, a strong heat – serious risk for health. Faints, dizziness’s, heart attacks – the most frequent consequences of stay in the sun in the afternoon. With a problem have decided to cope with the help of usual umbrellas. Within a Year of charity the municipality of Dubai has made the decision to distribute them on city streets to the citizens who are in the subway on beaches or in parks. The first thousand umbrellas will find the happy owners already in the next few days. The ordinary pedestrians and persons working at open space without roof over the head will become them.


        Didn't learn to drive the car? Clean streets! 21.07.17


          The drivers moving by the cars on trasses of the Emirates or who  renting  car in dubai  will be able to see unusual cleaners of streets soon. It is the citizens who received punishment in the form of public works for driving of transport with gross violations of the existing rules. The unusual initiative of legislators gained full recognition in Abu Dhabi. Here already applied administrative measures in the form of forced cleaning of streets or filling of cars with fuel at local gas stations to five caught violators. Along with it them deprived of the rights and forced to pay the large penal sums in the budget. Photos of drivers at the time of performance of new labor duties by them are published in the local press as an instructive example.

          Legislators are sure: the new sanction will become excellent replacement to imprisonment or a penalty, bringing much more benefit and influencing consciousness of dashing drivers. Now in Abu Dhabi it is created and actively the department dealing with issues of assignment of public works for breakers of rules of the movement works.




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