UAE Exempted a Number of Tourists from Covid-19 Checks

The Dubai authorities have introduced the abolition of a double test for coronavirus for some tourists. Tourists from Germany and the UK may not to pass pre-tests. Russian tourists are not exempt from this procedure, despite the fact that the infection situation in Russia is much better than in Britain. For 100,000 people in Russia there are 248 infected, and in England 1,390 people, excluding the rest parts of the UK.

In addition to German and British tourists, passengers from 56 countries with a fairly wide geography will be able to take advantage of the new rules. It includes part of African, European and Asian countries (Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, as well as Somalia, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria), and several US cities (New York, Washington, Boston, Chicago, Seattle). Previously, they took the test twice. One test takes place just before departure, the second after arrival in Dubai. They had to wait two weeks for the results of the retest in quarantine. After the changes in the rules, tourists only show a certificate of absence of coronavirus. So far, only passengers from Great Britain and Germany are exempted from presenting a certificate.

The decision did not affect not only Russians, but also residents of Syria, Ukraine, Egypt and most of the United States.