Tourists from Russia abroad can use domestic cards

According to the executive director of ATOR, Russian citizens can pay for tours in the UAE and Turkey through a personal account on the website of the travel company, as well as a mobile banking application. Earlier China followed this way, which introduced online payment for excursions for Russian tourists through the sites of tour operators.

Visa, Mastercard, "Mir" cards can be used for payment, which significantly expands travel opportunities. In this case the money first go to the account of the tour operator, and then transferred to the account of the company providing services in Turkey and the UAE. For holders of Sberbank cards the payment service is available in the personal cabinet of the bank application. This way you can pay for tours, guided transport, book tours or rent car in Dubai. Some companies in the Emirates offer tours to restaurants, stores in the country, which makes it possible to use the online payment and to buy souvenirs, dinners and other goods and services.

Earlier, RBC announced the installation of POS-terminals for cardholders of Russian banks. This allows expanding opportunities for tourists without financial constraints.


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