The procedure for changing a driver's license has changed in Dubai

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority announced the transition of the provision of services for motorists to electronic mode. This primarily affected those who plan to renew their driver's licenses, as well as replace them in case of loss or damage. The procedure can now be completed on the Office's website and in the RTA Dubai Drive mobile app. For the convenience of car owners, self-service kiosks have been installed in a number of accredited centers. Those who need to confirm their driving experience can also take advantage of the new license issuance program.

Thanks to the innovation, you can get your license online in 15 minutes. Previously, it took up to 4 visits to service centers. With the help of the electronic program, vehicle owners will now be able to pay fines in Dubai, which significantly saves time. Thanks to the electronic platform, according to an accelerated procedure, the receipt of transport certificates, customs clearance, and the return of insurance claims will be carried out.

The Emirates Police also reminded that you should not leave cars with open windows and the engine running, even if you leave the vehicle for a couple of minutes. After all, there is a great risk of theft or theft of valuable things from the car interior. If you have any questions or problems on the road, you should contact one of the numbers in the UAE: 800151, 901, 999.